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Global Marketing


The main purpose of this paper is to select an organisation and make an analysis on the three geographic markets in which the company intends to start its business. The paper makes an analysis that helps the organisation to make a strategic decision on the best market to enter. The selected organisation is Minverva Medical, which is a UK based company. The three geographical regions whether company wants to start its business are Russia, Japan and Mexico.

A critical evaluation of relationship strategies relevant to overseas trade

Following are some relationship strategies for overseas trade:

It is necessary for any company that if it wants to trade in overseas then it has to maintain the proper relationship with that country. In order to maintain the proper relationship, the country should have positive relationships with the host country. It is necessary for a company to face the challenges of trading in order to improve its trade. Every company faces many challenges while trading in overseas (Adler, 2007, p. 22). It would be better for the company to face this challenge in a coordinated manner at the sub regional level. In any case, it is necessary for the country to recognize that it has the will to undertake such a challenge by the various sectors. Challenge recognition is important for the countries, especially those with significant shares of power in order to ensure the chances of getting an agreement that meets the interests and needs of developing societies. There are many standards and behaviour adopted by the most developed countries in foreign trade, which are considered as the challenges in the overseas trading. They are pointed out here as they are considered most important in the context of this paper. A first feature is the economic power which means that the nation is a developed nation in the international economic sphere:

a) They control about 74% of world trade, growing trend in high-tech production lines,

b) 83 percent of a total of almost 2.2 trillion (million million) dollars that move every day in world stock markets, mainly in major financial centres: Tokyo, London and New York; c) Approximately 20% of the population in most developed nations have about 80% of economic power in the world.

An additional feature is that most developed countries by wide margins concentrate on intra-industry trade. This is correlated with the great power of multinational or transnational companies, and production systems globally. This feature, and the development of the maquiladora industry are among the biggest issues that have led to significant expansion of the automotive industry in Mexico, especially from January 1, 1994, with the entry into force of the Free Trade North America (NAFTA).

A critical evaluation of the decision making process undertaken to choose a first country for expansion outside the home market

Every company follows the decision making process to choose a first country for expansion outside the home country. A company faces different issues while establishing its business in different ...
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