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Global Operation Management

Global Operation Management

Dyncacon's ERP v11

The advantages of Dyncacon's ERP v11 are explained as follows. First is that it is built on Microsoft. Net foundation. Microsoft SQL Server information base run this software. Dyncacon has an easy installation. It does not incur any problems during installation. It has a user friendly menu interface. It has an outstanding staunch support. Dyncacon represents the feel of QuickBooks. Though, its intelligence and force, represents a feel like of SAP Business 1. Dyncacon is customized without much cost development. It has built-in Dynacom Synergy customization tool which ease the customization process. This makes Dynacom affordable. With cooperative development, it is window based. With continuous growth of the organization, this software can grow via the SAP solutions. The disadvantages of Dyncacon's ERP v11 include the requirement of third party payroll solution. It lacks the basic tutorials. The help menu has been found confusing by the user (Dynacom, 2012).

On the whole, it can be concluded that Dyncacon's ERP v11 is the best software for the organization. It has the ability for growth along with the organization. The starting cost of Enterprise Edition is five thousand dollars. This software upgrade has the ability for adapting itself with the existing software. This facilitates the user because the user does not have to relearn the old software. The upgrade system has the good sense of business layout. Each software edition of Dyncacon's ERP v11 is made this way. If SQL server is used with this software, the organization would be able to reap many benefits. For management application, the software installation would unfold three advantages for the organization. The benefits are rapidly processing, elevated data dependability and increase protection. This software introduces decision making process through real-time metrics. It offers customized dashboards, enhanced productivity with high visibility and increased automated process. It also offers low operational costs, fulfilment of customer promises, ensuring accountability with compliance in robust. Also, it offers auditable accounting growth from one basic accounting package to strong ERP system where it is customized and extended. Dynacom has the ability for meeting the business needs (Dynacom, 2012).Net system software (ICIM)

The advantages of Net system software are that it user friendly, enhanced tools, and secure access to past data. It can facilitate medium to large organizations. It facilitates the MRP by offering entire package; order entry system, supple quote, fully incorporated AP & AR, supple and dependable, instant reaction to bugs and improvement requirements. The disadvantages of this software include that it begins with no fixed asset module. This software is not easy-to-operate with all window programs. It does offers friendliness, flexibility and excellent support but, it comes with very limited customized software package. This let the organizations and corporations increase their ability to meet the timely needs and have naive implementation. It requires a lot of custom programming to meet the business requirements. It is not well-suited with keystroke application and is very demanding.Integrate iT; ERP 123

This software is compatible with ERP software. It is supple and is available at an affordable cost. For business purpose, it offers a reduction in risks, costs and can deliver ...
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