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Operation Management: Temsa's Product Strategy

Operation Management: Temsa's Product Strategy


“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” This is perhaps one of the most popular saying among operations management (PM) practitioners and it is hard not to concur with this management philosophy. For that matter, operation planning remains a key factor of project success. For example, Project Management Institute (PMI) strongly advocates the contribution of operations planning to its success. Despite the claim made by certain authors, that project planning is not a guarantee against project failure, and that too much planning can curtail creativity, many believe and have evidence to support their claim that a minimum level of planning is required. In fact, although planning does not guarantee project success, lack of planning will probably guarantee failure. In the case of the Temsa Global which is an automotive company with factories in Adapazari, Adana and Egypt, it produces buses, minibuses, and light trucks in its factories in Turkey. Temsa Global started out its business as a licensor of Mitsubishi products in 1984, when it could manufacture only the licensed products. In addition to this, it comes as no surprise that the empirical relationship between planning of operations and its success is under close scrutiny by some authors. Concerned and at least for research and development (R&D) projects, the relationship between the investment in project planning and the degree of success achieved is clear. If a minimum level of operations planning is required, there is no correlation between the implementation of planning procedures in the project and the various success dimensions. They also suggest that any question as to what kinds of tools are used is of no importance. Such research results are intriguing and evidence seems to be against the popular belief that operations' planning is closely related to the success.


Product Strategies

Organizational strategy is a systemic concept, made up of essential parts which are independently distinguishable but which together forms a new and better strategy which ultimately affect the whole organization in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of the organizational productivity. According to the past studies it is observed and proved that the organizational behaviors are influenced by various factors. These factors depend on different theories, moreover, past researchers worked on different aspect of a single phenomenon. In addition, the organizational behavior was considered as to be influenced by the classical approach which was helpful for identifying and resolving the initial or the minor problems that were pertaining to the organization. Temsa Global proves its determination to be a global player in the automotive industry by:

Expanding its production across national borders,

Further expanding its international network,

Operating in separate business units including Bus and Coach, Truck and Automotive, Construction Equipment,

Boosting export volumes and

Restructuring its organization to be in alignment with its new business model

While confirming its commitment to customer satisfaction, quality management and R&D with flexible, high quality production capabilities, state-of-the-art technology and distinctive design experience, the Company delivers reliability, comfort and safety to every customer ...
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