Harrah's Entertainment Hotel Casino Las Vegas

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SWOT Analysis

Harrah's Entertainment Hotel Casino Las Vegas Nevada

SWOT Analysis

Vision Statement

We are working for better hotel casino facilities in Nevada We have worked hard and will to be the top notch casino hotel.

Mission Statement

Presently we have become the most popular casino in Nevada and our efforts have paid in a long way we plan to get the best for our customers.

SWOT Analysis


Brand Recognition - Harrah entertainment has a good reputation and their name is well known. Harrah entertainment is a leader in the hotel industry.

Diversification of Products - Harrah entertainment is more than hotels. They also generate revenue from gaming and entertainment. By being involved in more than one industry, Harrah entertainment has a benefit of drawing from one part of its business if another part becomes less lucrative. Gaming and entertainment , as well as hotels, serve different. customers' needs. While this diversity does not automatically ensure success, it does help the company to balance out its profits across three areas of the business.

Conducting business in more than one place - Harrah entertainment Hotels has establishments in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and across the world in such places as Queensland, Australia; Istanbul, Turkey. The company also has gaming establishments in New Orleans, Georgia and Windsor, Ontario, Canada. If Harrah entertainment had its hotels in only one place, such as New Orleans before the flood, their business could be devastated by one environmental hazard. By having the business spread across the world, they are also counting on more than one economy. If the hotels in Australia were not doing well, they could count on the United States and Turkey, to generate profits to help even their losses. (Clancy 2003)


The Harrah entertainment Hotels Operating Management underestimated their customers needs based on information ...
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