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Harrah's Entertainment Knowledge Management Case Study

Executive Summary

This case gives a detailed account of customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives pursued by Harrah's Entertainment Incorporated, a leading casino entertainment Hurrah's in the US. It explains the various elements of Harrah's CRM strategy and how each element contributed to the overall success of the strategy. The case describes the Total Gold customer loyalty program and explains how it evolved into a Total Rewards program that helped Harrah's win the loyalty of its customers. The case also details the use of IT in CRM by Harrah's including data warehousing initiatives and the use of decision science tools that allowed the Hurrah's gain insights into its customers' gaming behavior and provide them with personalized services. Decision making is crucial to the development of the business. A decision is the results of making a judgment or reaching a conclusion.  Decision-making is a rational choice among alternatives.  It is universal to all managers.  Basically, the success or failure that a person experiences in life depends on the decisions he or she makes. One decision may make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful career. This process is also similar in the case of businesses.

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In addition, decision theory is an analytical and systematic approach to studying decision-making. Actually, a good decision is one that is based on logic, considers all data and possible alternatives, and applies the described quantitative approach.  Occasionally, a good decision results in an unexpected or unfavourable outcome.  But if it is made properly, it is still a good decision.  A bad decision is one that not based on logic, does not use all available information, does not consider all alternatives and doers not employ appropriate techniques. With this regard, this paper will be discussing the issues of decision making for Harrah's Entertainment Inc. in accordance to their business strategies, particularly the signals (information systems and models) which are needed to support the decision making implied by the strategic objectives.

Basically, the competence of Harrah is a multi-dimensional construct. A broader and more common definition of competence in organisational settings is that it includes an individual's demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities ( 1995). In connection to this, Harrah's Entertainment Inc. current core competence is its strength in business and marketing strategies i.e. organisation structure, Harrah's brand, extraordinary service and excellent relationship marketing opportunities. Furthermore, Harrah's Entertainment Inc. customised their customer's needs with the flexible service flow support with the highest quality control.  Thus, Harrah's service tailoring is important when a Hurrah's is pursuing a service development or diversification. In accordance to their business strategies, the signals (information systems and models) which are needed to support the decision making implied by the strategic objectives should be observed.


Structural Analysis

Structural analysis within industries generally talks about the five competitive forces. It provides an overview of the five competitive forces that determine sustainability of industry ...
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