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Health Care Interview Paper

Health Care Interview Paper

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Health Care Interview Paper


U.S. government spends over 15 percent of GDP (gross domestic product) on the health care, and it is the largest sector of U.S. economy in terms of investment. In spite, huge spending in this sector, people in U.S. are not healthier and their life expectancy is not longer as compared to other nations. Approximately, 45 million citizen of U.S are uninsured and with reference to this 18 percent of U.S. citizen are under the age of 65. The adults in America receive only half of recommended facilitates and services of health care. Studies reported that quality is similar in cities; however, the access to health care facilities varies because of unmanaged penetration of health care, people without insurance, supply of doctors and hospital beds, and poverty (Kramarow, et al., 2007).

In order to determine health care facilities, this study examines the health care access, ability to pay, where to receive, perception about health care provider and health care, recommendations regarding health care system by conducting three interviews from different generations.


In general, health care costs increases about exponentially with age. By the year 2000, average annual per-capita spending for U.S citizens' health care was about $ 2,255. However, the average per-capita health care spending for citizens who aged between 65-74 were two and a half times higher than U.S citizen who aged range from 18 to 64, as well as for those who were over the age 85 spending were approximately three times higher (Fronstin, 2004).

Average Annual

Age per Capita Expenditure

0 to 17


18 to 64


65 to 74


85 +


It is essential that comprehensive access to the health care facilities to maintain equity and increasing the probability for healthier life for each citizen. Access to health care ...
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