Health Concepts In Family Care (Family Assessment)

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Health Concepts in Family Care (Family Assessment)

Health Concepts in Family Care (Family Assessment)


Friedman, Bowden and Jones (2003) mentions that structural dimensions of the family are vital to the practice of family nursing, because they cover essential dynamics of a family, which can be seen in a family's communication styles and processes. They categorize the various dynamics within the structure to include: decision making and power allocation in the home, the role of each individual in the family structure, the family values. It also deals with social functions within the family. (Staunton, 2003)

2.0 Identifying Data

2.1 Family Name: Mekiry

2.2 Address and Phone: XX

2.3: Family composition







Mr. Abdul


Father/ Husband


Staff nurse

Bachelors of nursing

Mrs. Dem





Diploma in economic





Day care

.4 Type of Family

Mekiry's family is a nuclear family with both parents and a kid who is one year old.

2.5 Cultural background

The Mikery's are the same race family, but Mr. Abdul has born in north saudi and Mrs. Dem born in south region both parents devoted to their cultural values and beliefs. In this particular family, Mr. Abdul is the major bread winner of the family, but the wife makes ultimate major decisions in the home as well as a consultant for the financial support and income including what groceries to buy and taking care of the kid according to the Arabic culture. In addition the family adheres to Mr. Abdul's in north region with the children identifying their culture in that province. Mrs. Dem chose the house they are currently living in because she figured that as a mother and housewife, she was in a better place to determine the kid's comfort and this according to her culture traditions. Being a mixed race the family respects cultural values and beliefs of other habit backgrounds. (Perry 2010)

2.6 Religious background

The Mikery's are staunch Muslims religion and observe religious practices and respect other religions. They used to pray every five times a day early morning before sunrise, midday, afternoon, at sunset and evening before dinner. They have two festivals according to their religion one in September that whole month fasting from early morning until evening at sunset the last day is the celebration day according to the moon view. The other festival is month of December this month some of Muslims going to Makah and perform hajj at least once in his or her life. (McMurray 1993)

2.7 Social class status

Friedman et al (2009) have talked about the various social functions within the family which determine social class such as education, income and occupation. It's these social functions that determine a family's social class status.

Occupation and education: Mr. Abdul is a medical practitioner with a bachelor's degree in Nursing. His wife is a housewife and currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in economics as a sponsored student.

Income: The Family is financially stable and has adequate income to meet their financial needs. The father is the sole bread winner.

Family background: Mr. Abdul hails from a very rich ...
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