Health Issues Faced By African American Women

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Health Issues Faced By African American Women


African American women substantiate more inadequate health status and more risky health behaviors as compared to their White counterparts. Shorter life expectancy; higher levels of overweight and obesity; higher rates of death due to cerebrovascular disease, heart disease and diabetes; smaller levels of physical activity; higher levels of consumption of dietary fat; and smaller quantity of daily fruits and vegetables servings are among some of the examples. They have less accessibility to preventive health services, encompassing mammography, cervical cytology, clinical breast examination, and screening for cholesterol and blood pressure. This paper is aimed to analyze, identify and discuss various health issues among African American women. Factors associated with health disparities among African American women are also elaborated in this paper. Relevant statistics are illustrated with illustrious charts and figures.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary4


Discussion & Analysis7

Obesity among African American Women10

Breast Cancer among African American Women11

HIV/ AIDS among African American Women11

Diabetes among African American Women15


Kidney Disease16


Heart Disease and Stroke16

Nerve Damage16

Lack of Physical Activity22

Mental Disorders23

Rates of Mental Disorders24


Risk Factors for Mental Disorders26

Mental Illnesses among African American Women28


Executive Summary

The main spotlight of the public health agenda of country is the decline and ultimate abolition of racial/ethnic inequalities in health. The health of African American women, for well over a century, has dawdled far behind that of their White peers. African American women substantiate more inadequate health status and more risky health behaviors as compared to their White counterparts. Being one of the largest minority groups, Black Americans are an essential demographic group in the United States, comprising 12.6 percent of the population. The poorer health status of African American women is well documented. African American women have a lower life expectancy. African American women had higher incidence and mortality rates for breast, lung, cervical, and other specific cancers. Just like kidney disease and amputations, African Americans women have greater rates of diabetes-related complexities. Furthermore, among African Americans, the incidence of stroke is high disproportionately and the mortality rate is higher in proportion to whites. Age-adjusted death rates from asthma are higher among African Americans. African Americans women have higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases than whites. A higher death rate has been possessed by African American women owing to breast cancer, though there is a less likelihood of getting breast cancer as compared to white women. Among 4 African-American women, one woman older than 55 has diabetes. African Americans, compared to the other population in general, are affected by diabetes disproportionately. 7 times African Americans are likely to undergo from amputations of lower-limb. According to research, 52 percent increased risk are demonstrated by African-American women, who become gestational diabetic while their pregnancy, of developing diabetes in the future as compared to white women who also, during pregnancy, acquire GDM. African American women are more probable to commit suicide. By providing such health care that is culturally sensitive and obviating disparities in health and health care, African American can get an appropriate health status in the ...
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