Healthcare Need Assessment

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Healthcare Need Assessment

Healthcare Need Assessment

The paper aims to discuss the health needs assessment of Belmarsh Prison. This prison is responsible for health care apart from being a prison. Health is the state of complete physical (biological), mental (psychological) and social, not merely the absence of infections or light, strong or severe, as defined by the World Health Organization in its constitution of 1946. It can also be defined as the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of an organism at both the micro (cellular) and macro (social).

Occupational health shared by the ILO and the World Health Organization at its first meeting in 1950 "health professional as a branch of Health, which aims to improve the health of employees in all professions and keep them in the highest degree of well-being, physical and psychological, social, and prevent deviations health. It may cause the workers working conditions, as well as protect workers from all health hazards in the workplace and the worker - and kept - in a working environment appropriate to the potential physiological and psychological features of patients” (World Health Organization 2005, 43).

British healthcare is considered as one of the most costly healthcare sector that provides healthcare services to the citizens of United Kingdom. U.K. health care system is represented by independent services at three main levels, family medicine, hospital care and public health. Medical services in the U.K. are private individuals and legal entities. Various commercial, charitable and government organizations offer patients both outpatient and inpatient services. About 47% of all U.K. health care costs are the costs of hospital care, about 2% - home care, 10% - medication and 10% - for the maintenance of nursing homes. The remaining 11% cover services of dentists, ophthalmologists and other specialists.

Substantial researches have contended that every organization is defined as a system which is effective only when (1) it achieves its goals, and (2) it effectively uses human and other resources with minimum costs. Primary goal of a healthcare institution is to provide the following basic facilities.

Accessibility is the efficient provision of health services in relation to organizational barriers, economic, cultural and emotional.

Coordination is the sum of the actions and efforts of primary care services.

Comprehensiveness is the ability to solve most health problems of the population served (Stephen 2010, 17).

In order to understand the importance of a health working environment in Belmarsh Prison, it is essential to focus upon the complexities involved with delivering nursing care. If a nurse is not content with the surroundings in which this care is given along with other conditions of the working environment, she will not be able to deliver the legal services in a timely manner. The satisfaction and job satisfaction of each person in the nursing field tends to be very high in order to expect high-quality care services from the people. Nurse satisfaction is the core reason behind ensuring the safety and quality of care imparted to the patients. This trade-off is highly essential if the hospital or hospice care ...
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