How Does Domestic Violence Affects Children?

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How does domestic violence affects children?



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3.1 Literature Search1

3.2 Method1

3.3 Ethical Concerns2

3.4 Strengths and Weaknesses of Secondary methodology2

3.4.1 Strengths of secondary data2

3.4.2 Weaknesses of secondary data2

3.5 Data analysis through quantitative and qualitative techniques3


4.1 Research question 1: Physical, social and psychological effects of domestic violence on children4

4.1.1 The impact of domestic violence on infants4

4.1.2 The impact of domestic violence on preschool-age children8

4.1.3 The impact of domestic violence on elementary school-age children10

4.1.4 The impact of domestic violence on adolescents11

4.2 Research question 2: Effects of witnessing domestic violence: A child's response to exposure to domestic violence13

4.3 Research question 3: Relationship between exposure to violence and subsequent problems adjustment for children19

4.4 Research question 4: Interventions and services for children to deal with domestic violence24

4.4.1 Children Act 200424

4.4.2 The Children and Adoption Act 200625

4.4.3 The Children and Young Persons Act 200825

4.4.4 Other programs25

4.5 Critical evaluation of the effect of domestic violence under different theories26

4.5 Attachment and emotional self-regulation of children affected by domestic voilence29

4.6 Multi-agency responses and law to curb domestic violence32

4.6.1 The role of law and legistation to curb domestic violence in UK32

4.6.2 The batterer's programs in UK: A step towards curbing domestic violence in UK34

4.7 Implications of the research for social work practice37




3.1 Literature Search

The criteria of selection for literature were relevance to the research topic and year of publication. Online public and private libraries were accessed to gather data. Some of the online databases that were accessed are Ebsco (Elton B. Stephens Company), Questia, Emerald, and Phoenix, Science Direct, Sage, Proquest, Pubmed. These sources were extensively searched to retrieve articles. As these data bases have plenty of peer-reviewed journal articles that have addressed the issue at hand. Also these articles provide meaningful insight into the issue with detailed as well as comprehensive studies that take into account the phenomenon of domestic violence.

3.2 Method

Several research papers on domestic violence were retrieved from the systematic searching from databases which include Science Direct, Proquest and Plumbed. The range of the papers was set from 1990-2011. All retrieved titles, abstracts and full-text articles were screened. Data extraction was primarily concerned with outcome variables of the research questions of this review. The research encompasses the publications, articles and similar studies accessible ...
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