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Riordan Manufacturing HR System: Implementation Phase

Riordan Manufacturing HR System: Implementation Phase


This paper is written as a requirement of Riordan Manufacturing, which desires to make their HR system integrated into a single application. For this integration, more sophisticated information systems technology would be used. The company expects that it would get significant efficiency improvement as a result of single HR application. The investigation and feasibility study have already been conducted; also the same have been submitted in the previous parts of the project. The current paper discusses the major activities of the implementation phase, and the benefits of executing user defined and repeatable processes during this phase

Implementation Phase

After the initial investigation and feasibility study phases, the development team will be in possession of the documents that could be used for coding and implementation of the system. We discuss each of the six implementation phases separately:


This step comes once the computerized equipment and necessary hardware are acquired. During the coding stage, the developers create, buy or adapt the programs that would be needed to complete the system requirements (Applegate, 2009). According to the needs of HR system at Riordan Manufacturing, the best option is to use Oracle/PHP programming language. The same languages will support the development team in the development of database. The PHP interface will help the developers with the feature of flexibility it provides. In addition, using these tools will also help the developers in making the future modifications to the code.

The major reason for using this language as a coding tool for this project is that t supports the migration of data across different platforms. Also, the Oracle database will establish an efficient single integrated application as it combines the sophisticated database tools.


Once the code is written, the next step would be to test the system. Ideally, the tests must be conducted both in the laboratory (also known as alpha testing), as well as in the real world user environment (also known as Beta testing). Strong control and coordination will be required for ensuring that all the components of the system are working well. Assuring collaborative working is particularly necessary as the project aims to integrate various HR applications into a single information system. It often happens that the applications coded separately work efficiently in isolation, but start to malfunction once they are combined. Even the best project designs exhibit some flaws, when they are tried to combine.


After the testing stage, the newly developed system will be installed. Ideally, the installation phase must be executed simultaneously on all plants of the company. This will help the employees in starting the new system operations at the same time.


The development team should document all the major activities and the minor details of the project through which they have been through the entire implementation phase. Documentation will help the same team for future reference, as well as any other team which attempts to work on, or make modifications to the ...
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