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Riordan Manufacturing HR System

Riordan Manufacturing HR System


Riordan Manufacturing is a California based fortune Enterprise, and mainly deals with exporting Plastic and Containers. With the increasing advancements in information systems, the corporation is interested for using state-of-art and more sophisticated information technology tools and information systems for improving efficiency of Human Resource systems, located at all of their branches. This paper describes the business requirements, such as information gathering techniques and feasibility assessment for integrating information system technologies into HR systems of the enterprise.

Investigation Phase

Before starting working on any information system project, the first phase is to investigate the requirements about the project. Therefore, in order to execute the investigation phase for the project of Riordan Manufacturing, I would send an email to the managers and employees requesting them to help me in investigation process. Also, I will explain them my roles and responsibilities for the project. During the investigation process, I will conduct meetings with the key managers, staff members, and employees. My interest would be to know about their current system and information processing tasks; I would describe the system to be implemented. I will also accept comments and invite the employees for making suggestions about the system. The investigation phase will be of essential help in making the project successful as the dialog between the system developers and the employees will remain continued throughout the project development life cycle.

While discussing with the employees, I will mention them that we are going to add capability to the Riordan Manufacturing in terms of advanced information system, which has become one of the essential business requirements in this age of information technology (Rainer and Turban, 2008). I would convince the employees that the new system will provide them ultimate help in performing routine tasks, and will improve their overall efficiency. This way, employees will show interest in learning the usage methods of new information system, they will try to understand the operations and better relationships will be built between the development team and the employees.

As the project relates with information system development, it is essentially important to determine that what information collecting techniques would be used throughout the investigation phase. Next, the paper addresses the same.


Analysis of Organizational Charts

The organizational charts will give me a clear idea about the organizational flow and processes. Y analyzing the existing organizational charts, I would be able to know that how the Human Resource department of the enterprise functions, and identify the managers and employees who will be helpful for my project. The organizational chart will depict an idea about the formal relationships and workflow of the organization, however, I will have to judge the informal relationships by observing the functioning of the department.

Conduct Interviews

Interviews are the most important means of collecting information about the organization and its work flow systems. I will conduct the interview of the persons whom I would identify during the analysis of organizational charts. On the whole, the interview process will consist the following 7 processes:

Identify ...
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