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Reflective Paper on Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management


Human Resource Management is the most important and integral part of every organization. The way a HR department runs, deeply affects the whole organization. A hefty part of an organization's growth depends on the Human Resource department as they are responsible for recruiting the people who are suitable for the job. An organization needs talented and skilled people to drive their company towards success, and for that, the organization needs a capable and talented HR team. If a company has a flexible, highly skilled and strong management and workforce then it will surely be successful. The human resource management (HRM) is a set of practices of management aimed at mobilizing and developing human resources for greater performance of the organization.

In this paper, the major areas of HRM have been discussed, along with their problems and their importance. The paper also discusses the future applications and relevance to the workplace. Lastly, the paper discusses the impact of HRM areas on my future career plans and personal life.

Areas of HRM

Following are the major areas of HRM:

EEO and Affirmative Action

Equal Employment Opportunity produces the affirmative action plan which is the commitment made in good faith by federal contractors to comply with the equal employment opportunities without distinction of any kind. Organizations analyze their personnel to identify areas of possible under utilization of women and minorities. Organizations create action plans to eliminate the under utilization of women and minorities, and make a good-faith effort to implement such plans. Affirmative action does not require "quotas" or privileges for anyone based on race, color, religion, sex or gender, or national origin (Gray, 2001).

The issues involved in EEO and AA are that all employees are still not getting equal opportunities. Many of the employees still get discriminated especially females and people with disabilities. They get low wages in many areas and are considered as inferiors. The major problem is that such problems sometimes do not get recognized. People get used to such behavior and do not stand up against it. For this, some companies design Affirmative Action Plans. The AAP is used to identify areas of low use of certain minorities thus facilitating their correction. It develops and implements programs of action to correct identified problems and achieve goals and objectives.

Human Resources Planning

Human resource planning is an essential part that holds the management companies, and this is because it is responsible for projecting future plans to be carried out with respect to the activities to be developed using human resources (Ferris, 2009). Generally carried out in order to achieve greater participation by the manager who must apply the most important decisions, placing it in this way is a strategic position for the company, it is essential that while engaged in human resource planning, responsible for this function must be highly qualified. It is also important to the development and subsequent use of all the modern tools of which can have a company as well, it is necessary to successfully implement ...
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