Hrm In Global Context

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Hrm in global context

Hr in Global Context


At times of globalization, organizations have to face a business environment which involves quick responses to changes, such as new laws or social trends. Therefore, human resource management is more than ever a key factor of success for organism. Since the eighties, the role of human resource management in the organization has taken a considerable place in our society. However, unlike the various models of HRM exists. Indeed, there is a great difference in how countries manage the employment and organizes the employment relationship. Thus there lies a difference in human resource management patterns of China and USA in terms of economics, cultural and institutional factors. (Heckman, 1999, 35)


Differences in economic systems are also translated into differences in human resource management policies. Today the world is moving towards a situation in which large economic spaces, such as Brazil, Russia, India, China, Japan, EU and U.S. are becoming dominant. It can be learned by the Spaces in their economies how to guide their human resource policies. Comparison between China and the U.S. is no longer justified, because China wants to become a world leader in based on its competency.

China has more human intervention then the United States act in accordance with a fairly standard legal system. It does not sound natural that economic system of the United states is adjusted by the market then off course, it is understood that economic crises does not take into account the current economic system.

Employers around the world are likely to use similar method and criteria for selecting employees. Just like in United States, employers all over the world usually rank personal interviews, the person's ability to perform the technical requirement of the job and prior work experience in a similar job the top of ...
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