Immigration In America

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Immigration in America

Immigration in America

Answer to Question 1

United States of America is a country that has people from all over the globe. In American society, many ethnic groups live together. Just like other nationalities Irish and Chinese are also the part of the American population. Irish and Chinese migrated to America in large number. The main reason for the immigration of Irish people to United States of America is the fall of disastrous blight on the staple crop in 1845. As a result of the fall of this disastrous blight Irish people starved. To escape from this starvation many Irish people flee from Ireland to United States. According to an estimate, from 1847 to 1854 1.25 million Irish came to Unites States. The Irish people that migrated to United States during 1840 and 1850 were very unskilled and poor. Among these Irish immigrants, women used to work in factories as well as they used to do household shores of the wealthy people. Most of the men used to work in mining firms. As most of the Irish immigrants were very poor and they used to do any sort of job despite the level of danger and dirt. That is why most Americans regarded as low positioned or people who belong to low class. Some Americans feared the Irish because of their religion, their use of violence, and their threat to democratic elections. Irish People also faced discrimination in getting jobs. The slogan “help wanted, no Irish need apply” shows the level of job discrimination against Irish people (Gordon, 1982).

Another major group that migrated to America during the antebellum period was of Chinese people of the West. It was the period of 1840, when the Chinese people began to come to United States in large numbers. According to the survey about 250,000 Chinese were living in America in the early 1880's. Most of these Chinese immigrants were resided in the State of California and other States of West. As the immigrants of China used to know very little English so, they faced difficulties in finding jobs. Most of the Chinese workers used to work in ÒSix companies. Most of the Chinese people started to work that Americans do not want to do themselves. This sort of work includes laundry, cooking and making clothes. The most important reason that urged Americans to show a discriminated behavior towards Chinese people is that they used to fear that Chinese people are taking their jobs away. Secondly, Americans used to think that these Chinese people would not be able to gel up with the American culture (Hilton, 1979).

Answer to Question 2

The depressive and unwelcoming attitude of Americans towards the immigrants can be witnessed through a number of mediums. Two most famous mediums are carton displays and song. The display of cartoon to show negative attitude towards immigrants is a very common. It is not something new it was prevalent in the American society long ...
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