Importance Of Bsn In Nursing

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Importance of BSN in nursing


The world is experiencing a period of change, affecting the structure, culture and work processes, causing people to seek ways to adapt and add new values ??to meet the social demands of the market. One of the challenges for health services is the adoption of measures for customer satisfaction. For the nursing staff as part of this scenario, the challenge is to invest in its human resources, using continuing education as a tool to promote the development of people and ensure the quality of customer service. The study aimed to analyze the services of continuing education from the perspective of nursing managers and nurse's continuing education.

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Continuous education a dynamic tool4

Importance of Bachelors of nursing5

Bachelors of nursing6

Obligations of a BSN Nurse7


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Importance of BSN in nursing


Continuing education is a process of continuous development, which happens during the life time of an individual who seeks to provide conditions for the acquisition of knowledge so that it enables an individual to enhance his or her personal and professional development skills, along with that it also enables an individual to compete against the ever changing globalized world. To guarantee continuous development it is essential that the institutions responsible for providing services of continuing education in health care guide the individuals regarding the direction of certain educational activities, and helping them understand the reality of institutional and staff requirements in the globalized world. Thus, it is their responsibility to provide professional development, and influencing the quality of nursing care (USA, 2009).

Education in Health Services is now noted with great importance for the quality of nursing care. This article summarizes an experience with the deployment this service within a private institution of midrange and high complexity. Due to this complexity of the service was created and established by a nurse with the support of nursing management in order to qualify and improve the existing manpower and contracted, making the assistance of and skilled nursing uniform (Ernst, 1960).

Continuous education a dynamic tool

The use of continuing education as a tool in the educational process is dynamic and dialogical process. Continuous education helps the individual in obtaining collective pursuit qualification, citizenship and training of health professionals in order to provide better patient care. Through participation in the implementation of activities requiring changes in routines, practitioners are encouraged to acquire new knowledge through continuing education, as an effective strategy for constant improvement.

This facilitates the transfer of potential in employee's behavior and attitudes, thus automatically resulting in improving the quality of nursing, along with the promotion of certain educational opportunities through the development care capacity of the nursing team.

The training process is continued through a collective reflection, looking for a glimpse of other possibilities for enhancing the field of nursing, the unification theory and practice, leads to a reorientation of values, along with a formation of consciences and changing attitudes. The process of continuous learning enables a person to become reflective and critical agent of change.

Importance of Bachelors of nursing

The Bachelors of ...
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