International Business

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International Business

International Business


The decisions taken in international business also involves the firm related to marketing outside the country. It involves manufacturing facilities to be established around the globe (Bennett, 2002). The people who do marketing bring the great understanding of the structure of international market. They have just not to focus on their technical skills but also the good understanding of marketing structure is necessary. There is a well known term in marketing and that term is segmentation. When the segmentation costs are low then the return should be high. If we take the example of the soap, there are different varieties of soaps are available in the market with different fragrance, shape and colors. The brands of these soaps are showing different benefits over each other. There are also emerging markets. The emerging markets are those which are showing rapid development such as India and China (Bennett, 2002).


Oil industry is a big industry and within an oligopoly due to competition. In last century, the competition was not as high as it is today. Every industry wants to beat the other industry and wants to produce more and best. Each firm related to any type of industry is facing an oligopoly. These firms are trying their best to produce more goods within the short time period. The main thing to focus in any industry is to satisfy the customer needs and demands. The best marketing is the one in which every single customer satisfies and it can be done when the goods are delivered at low costs and at short period? There are certain industries in which the oligopoly is imperfect and such industries are of soft drinks, tobacco companies, and air lines. There are as many companies of soft drinks and tobacco worldwide so no one can even think of an oligopoly in these types of firms.

International Business concepts

The basic concept behind the International Business is to fulfill the customer requirements. The requirements fulfilled in a way that good decisions should be taken from other competitors. Other than, International Business concepts there are certain concepts for production and sales. The concept behind the production is that the firm will produce efficiently at low cost. If the product is of good quality and at low cost the demand will automatically rise. This concept came into late 1920s while the concept of sales had come in 1930s because the competition increased at that and, there were fewer demands which were not fulfilled. Time passed, companies are not just producing but also selling the product with good advertisement.

International Business System

International Business is not the other function or different thing, it is the whole business. International Business management is the management of all the things including planning and managing of targets or goals which should achieve in a certain period of time, with other markets. Marketing management reflects the fulfillment of demand. The demand can be below or above the actual demand and the marketing management is to maintain the level of ...
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