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International Business

List and discuss the three attitudes managers might have toward international business?

Negative attracts negative expression of ResponseRight now; we saw that changing a negative attitude can attract sudden good fortune. Inversely, if we take a negative attitude, we can attract sudden misfortune. For example, if we feel hatred towards other people, circumstances have problems can quickly arise.

General Power of a certain attitude

In addition to having the right attitude, it is always best to have an overall positive attitude. Not only does your work flow more smoothly, your interactions with others become more efficient, and your spirits stay high, but you are likely to elicit the cooperation of the sudden life.

Remaining Calm and certainly in a difficult situationA general positive attitude has the power to attract sudden good fortune. We also saw that when difficult circumstances come your way, and remain steady and calm, life is suddenly reversed and cancels the problem, often startling bringing new opportunities in their area. Here's a powerful true story of the advantages of a face of adversity.

In this short essay, compare and contrast the classical and socioeconomic views of social responsibility?The classical view says only that the management of social responsibility is to maximize profits. The socioeconomic view says that management's social responsibility goes beyond making profits in protecting and improving society's welfare. In the four-stage model of social responsibility stakeholders (see Exhibit 5-1), a stage 1 only manager feels responsible for the stockholders. In stage 2, managers broaden their responsibilities to employees. In Stage 3, managers broaden their responsibilities to other stakeholders on the specific environment, especially customers and suppliers. Finally, in Stage 4, managers feel they have a responsibility to society as a whole. Social obligation is when a company engages in social action because of its obligation to meet certain economic and legal responsibilities. Social response is when a company engages in social action in response to several popular social needs. Social responsibility is a business intention, beyond its economic and legal obligations, to pursue long-term goals that are good for society

Explain how organizations determine future human resource needs?

Recruitment includes all the activities an organization can use to attract a pool of viable candidates. Effective recruiting is increasingly important today for several reasons:• The U.S. employment rate has generally declined each year through the 1990s. Experts refer to the current recruiting situation as one of "evaporated employee resources."• Many experts now believe that Generation X employees (those born between 1963 and 1981) are more inclined to build long-term relationship work than their predecessors. Therefore, finding the right inducements for attracting, hiring, and retention of qualified personnel can be more complicated than in previous years.

Keep in mind that recruiting strategies differ in the organization. Although one can immediately think of campus recruiting as typical recruiting activities, many organizations use internal recruiting, or promote-from-within policy, to fill their high level positions. Open positions are posted, and current employees are given preference when positions become available. Internal recruitment is more expensive than an external ...
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