International Marketing Communications And New Technology In Big Emerging Markets

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International marketing communications and new technology in Big Emerging Markets

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International Marketing Communication1

Internet and New Technologies in Big Emerging Markets3

Cost Effective of Internet and New Technologies in Emerging Markets4

Benefits for the Firm's entering in Big Emerging Markets5

Pitfalls for the firm's entering in Big Emerging Markets7



International marketing communications and new technology in Big Emerging Markets


The modern culture of business has changed in the past few years as culture of social networks has made the customers more strong and demanding in this competitive environment. The organizations have to implement marketing and communication strategies that not only able to cope up with the competitors, but also make substantial profits for their shareholders. The technological advancements have forced organizations to make such impact on the customers and international markets from where they can increase their market share. The marketing communication and new technologies have a positive impact on the companies to launch in the new markets where competition is intense in the open economies (Sisodia & Telrandhe, 2010, pp. 134). After the start of 21st century, the organizations globalizing their business operations with the help of new technology and communication have become more common because both these elements are responsible for taking competitive edge over the competitors. Therefore, this paper will elaborate the significance of the internet and new technologies in big emerging markets. Moreover, this paper will also highlight the advantages and disadvantages for firms that are willing to enter in emerging markets with the help of the internet and new technologies.


International Marketing Communication

The most vital communication trend that has been used by most of the mighty organizations in recent times is International Marketing Communication because organizations can achieve synergy by using this approach. The appearance of this integrated approach has become the most important example for the growth of organizations for the marketing perspective. The leading objective of international marketing communication is to plan, recognize and combine all the disciplines of communications that are responsible for causing positive impact on the customers and stakeholders in terms of communication. This approach works under the principle that organizations incorporate and coordinate different communicating channels that can bring uniformity, clarity and compelling messages regarding the mission and objectives of the organizations (Kotler, 2005, pp. 48). Therefore, the purpose of integrating process of marketing communication strategy is to make use of different informational channels that comprise of original brand used as a communicating channel. This communication starts from the target audience helping to influence their attitude towards the product in a positive manner. The integrated communication is not a straightforward method of communication because it is a mixture of strong and effective communication for organizations. Different definitions have been given by researchers in which the most basic definition is that all the market communications are managed by international marketing communication (Junwan, 2007 pp.19). The international marketing communication analyzes all the alternatives and then controls various marketing communication factors by utilizing the best available resources by influencing the trade between the organizations and their ...
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