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Evaluation of Online Information

Evaluation of Online Information


Companies providing online services, including Web site development services, third-party technology implementation and customer service through the internet or phone. I believe that the major market segments in its competitive factors including the selection, price, availability, convenience, information, found that brand awareness, personal service, accessibility, customer service, reliability, achieve speed, ease of use, ability to adapt to changing conditions. Our overall customer experience in the transaction and trust us, by our third-party vendors, to facilitate the representative (Marcus, 2004, pp.118-135).

Medline Plus

The National Institute of Health and US Department of Health and Science website has an attractive design with simple navigation, and important information about medicines all from reliable sources. I had no problems finding out exactly what I needed in a few minutes.

Medline Plus' Drug Information page has an abundance of knowledge on the majority of today's drugs, herbs and supplements. Once you have selected the drug, you want more information about you are directed to a page that is full of the most common questions associated with that medicine.

You can also scroll through the entire page and read all the information to get an overall view of the drug. The site is arranged the same way when you are researching the information on an herb or supplement. The questions that are answered are different. These sections answer questions like what the herb is the effectiveness of it the safety concerns with it and the interactions the supplement causes. The website provides thorough information and answers the questions users have about the medicines and treatments.

Because the website is government sponsored, it is reliable with several dependable sources. The site is supported by three of the top health institutes and agencies this proves to the users the information they are reading is correct and well ...
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