Internet Addiction In Children

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Internet Addiction in Children

Internet Addiction in Children


The use of internet is increasing with the rapid pace and has become an addiction especially among children. This is resulting in numerous negative impacts on them. The internet is a medium fast, efficient and affordable. However, a problem when it becomes an addiction, especially in the lives of children and adolescents by spending much time browsing, lose important stages and discoveries off the screen as well as being a risk to the health of the eyes and spine (Klobas, 2010). Experts say that contact with a computer can have children of preschool age. It can be used as an excellent tool for training and development, keeping in mind the reasonable reduction of the residence time of the child at the computer and choosing the right educational programs. The main task for parents is to control child access to a computer.

In addition, be sure to create your child the opportunity to experience and develop different interests not related to the computer (Cooper & Sportolari, 2012). Over time, the child begins to live in a virtual world, gradually spend less and less time with friends. Rarely initiates physical play, he has no interest or fun art classes blocks, but can sit for hours in front of the monitor. Child is slowly losing the ability to establish contacts with their peers, the establishment of new friendships, build relationships and emotional development.

Thesis Statement

Internet addiction among children is one of the key emerging issues in today`s world.


The Internet has given much positive impacts on people throughout the world for the last ten years. It can be informative, convenient, resourceful and fun. Though, the Internet can also offer destructive effects on human such as pornography, security and privacy. Internet addiction has been under discussion for almost 15 years. The problem is usually described as a person lost control of their Internet usage and spending so much time on the internet that it has negative consequences in everyday life (Kelleci, 2010). Dependence on the computer is usually manifested in the form of addiction to computer games (mostly children) and the Internet (especially young people). As in the case of addiction to television, a child or teenager deceive parents that for a moment off the computer and take a teaching or other duties. In fact, this moment it usually takes another hour.

Internet threats, including reliance on the use of the network are a very important issue that beings are increasing in society, not only abroad but also in Poland. Internet addiction is a growing problem. Young people are particularly vulnerable. Computer and Internet very quickly, like other media in our homes are the central point of life. The computer has become an integral part of our lives, work and learns (Ferris, 2011). Imperceptibly but gradually occupy more areas of family relations, replace friends, help in alleviating stress and escape from problems. Internet often affects people and children who already have other problems such as emotional, and addiction to the Internet ...
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