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The Internet as Social Media: Connectivity and Immediacy

The Internet as Social Media: Connectivity and Immediacy


In the modern era, social media have turned into an omnipresent and unusual phenomenon for social networking and apportioning of content. Still, the content that is brought forth via these websites continues to be undeveloped for the most part. Social media bring colossal riches of real-time capacity at a persistent value. Particularly, emphasis is laid on social networking websites like that of,, and in order to estimate the growing trend of using the social media as a tool for marketing business enterprises. Also, the consequent enhancement that businesses have faced because of this new media of communication, especially pertaining to small businesses are attempted to be discovered. These days, the new media i.e. internet-relied media of communication has altered the entire face of marketing which was previously carried out through traditional channels (Elliott, 2004).

The World Wide Web splits up many forcible roadblocks even small-scale corporations no more campaign in distant territorial dominions. As the name of the brand and cognizance exceed boundaries, both nationally and internationally, business enterprises have the chance to heighten the profits returned from applications on e-commerce. Social media websites can assist businesses achieve exactly that. Social media websites are the centre of online social intercommunicating actions - not just for young people but also for a grown-up audience looking for honest reassessments of business services and productions. Social networking is productive in making a buzz about nearly any topic. Businesses capitalize on this prospect to spring up a network and achieve growth in sales (Kotler, 2009).

Thesis Statement

Availability and use of social media on the Internet provide businesses with new and useful information


The Internet is the latest in a series of technological breakthroughs in interpersonal communication, following the telegraph, telephone, radio, and television. It combines innovative features of its predecessors, such as bridging great distances and reaching a mass audience. However, the Internet has novel features as well, most critically the relative anonymity afforded to users and the provision of group venues in which to meet others with similar interests and values. Availability and use of social media on the Internet is providing businesses with new and useful information (Lefebvre, 2005). There are business to business companies (Business-to-Business) who are using the social web to find new customers, strengthen your reputation, and have an advantage in achieving this extraordinary business.

The social networks have revolutionized the way we use the Internet and now represent one of the predominant uses on the Web. Now they invade the sphere of mobile and multiple offers are emerging. Brands and advertisers are increasingly more inclined to bet on social networks to include their advertising because they are much cheaper than other sites and create an "engagement" direct to the brand when a user becomes more of the network (Glanz, 2003). The new Internet strategy prefers the viral marketing is self-replication of ads within social networks to position products ...
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