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The idea of this study is to present a detail assessment and analysis of the needs of different people living in Los Angeles. It also describes and talks about the impact of the gaming industry on the lives of families.

This study presents the results of the first stage of a project that aims to assess the needs of residents of Macao in terms of psychological assistance, to provide them with adequate services and develop effective models of intervention. These describe family life in the Special Administrative Region (SAR), with particular emphasis on the impact of the gambling industry on families. While Los Angeles is gaining political and economic importance through the development of casinos, it is becoming increasingly relevant to study the offer of psychological assistance provided by social services. The gaming industry, the largest employer and main source of income, has characteristics that have no other business and attract more attention from psychologists and sociologists. (Blaszczynski, 1994, 99-127)

There was very little work on family life and psychological aspects in Macao. The reference works are essentially surveys conducted around the world. In August 2005 an independent research group, financed by public funds, conducted a survey which included multiple dimensions related to how local people perceived and lived social structures quotidien3-economic. This study, however, did not include the psychological dimension. Lack of knowledge in psychology on the one hand and a mental health facility which is still in its infancy on the other hand, are all flaws that our study seeks to fill. (Cotti, 2008, 17-41)

Traditionally, social services in Los Angeles are the responsibility of an informal network of religious organizations, neighborhood associations and clans. (Kearney, 2005, 169-299)Today's mental health services are largely provided by social workers. Access to counseling is possible only through the periodic arrival of professionals in Hong Kong and, locally, a few people who received a partial training of assistant psychologist.

The casino industry is a global gaming industry generating a large volume of revenues, and one that has been growing strongly, particularly as affluence grows in LA. It offers a large variety of employment opportunities. Casinos are entirely illegal in some countries such as India and most of the Arab world, while they are being partially legalized in countries such as Singapore. (Henry, 1997, 89-110)

Research Question:

How does Casino gambling industry effects the social lives of people? The effects of Texas holdem and casino building affects the economy, income and races in Los Angeles?

Literature Research

In general, there is a "proper approach in Macao", which would value a stable life, and that would be easy to take things as they come, without seeking to change anything. The quest for a harmonious life is not in question here, especially as it combines with traditional Chinese values ??of communalism and moral qualities of loyalty and fidelity. Previous generations placed the humanity, righteousness, good education and respect for life in the heart of the moral education of youth. Or by engaging in the gaming industry, the younger generation adopts more hedonistic ...
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