Issues In International Business

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Issues in international business


In this study, we try to explore the concept of “Cross-cultural management” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “Cross-cultural management” and its relation with “international business.” The research also analyzes many aspects of “Cross-cultural management” and tries to gauge its effect on “international business.” Finally, the research describes various factors, which are responsible for “Cross-cultural management,” and tries to describe the overall effect of “Cross-cultural management” on “international business.”

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The globalization has expanded the worldwide trade, and has helped in a number of advances in the field of technology. The increments in the total number of organizations that are operating on the global stage have given rise to a spectacular change in the context, frequency, and means through which, people from diverse backgrounds interact. This is one of the biggest issues in the global business these days, and calls for a lot of attention from the relevant authorities of the global business. This is a sort of problem that can have a particularly profound effect on the business, and a global business has to make sure that it manages the cross-cultural differences between its employees in a proper way to ensure smooth operations and profitability in the business. (Fontaine 2007)


A demand for solutions for cross-cultural management in the global business are progressively being considered like a necessary and a valid method, which can be used to enhance the process of interaction and communication among the different employees in organizations. This can also help an organization to communicate properly with the other partner organizations, which belong to some different culture, and would also assist the organization in dealing with customers from other cultures.

There are a numerous consultancy services available for managing the cross-cultural differences, and they are involved in the process of helping organizations to discover solutions to challenges that are developed because of differences between different cultures.

When an organization has employees, with highly diverse backgrounds and different cultures, there are a number of challenges and difficulties for the organization to handle these differences. The differences in different cultures are usually evident in universal regions like behavior, norms, etiquette, values, and mechanics of a group, expressions, & colloquial conversation. These differences in different cultures then ensuing through to the areas of management in a business, like style of management, the corporate culture, HR PR, etc. ...
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