Jean Watson's Meta-Paradigm Of Nursing

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Jean Watson's Meta-paradigm of Nursing

Jean Watson's Metaparadigm of Nursing


For centuries, the progress of nursing understanding has been influenced by several theorists and their relevant theories. These theories have guided, and continue to guide, nursing research, practice, and education. Although they have been the spirit of nursing, I believe all nurses can, be enthusiastically involved in the caring process. It is rational to think that every nurse chooses this profession because of some key values or beliefs that they possess. These beliefs and values ultimately guide them in formulating their own description of nursing and their primary goal. Many of these values and beliefs that they hold are notably obvious throughout the countless nursing theories existing. This does not suggest that nurses today cannot think beyond the limits of these theories.

Nursing care has changed over the years. The workload and responsibilities on nurses have increased since the intensification of healthcare systems globally. Nurses also have to deal with complex situations in the absence of medical practitioners (Kari Sand-Jecklin, 2010). Despite the hard work, nurses must have to take adequate care of their patient's psychological and physical health. The primary objective of nurses is to provide caring services to their patients. The clinical applications of the essential elements of Jean Watson's caring theory are widely applied in healthcare facilities.

The caring theory sets benchmarks for nurses to perform their duties wisely and with care. The main duty of nurses is to provide adequate care for her patients (Watson & Watson, 2012). This theory brings a value that nursing is not a job; rather, it is a gratifying profession. Promoting these values will have an essential impact on the health of patients.

This essay will spotlight my own view of nursing and the related queries linked to it. I will survey and relate my values and beliefs why I think they are significant. I will also reflect on the thought of whether or not my view of nursing can affect nurses in a positive way.

My Beliefs and Values

Person is a human who needs to be respected, nurtured, understood and cared for each as a whole in, body, spirit, and mind. Dealing with my patient's thoughts and experiences symbolizes a notion of human bonding and forming a relationship that is essential to their well-being. Nurses not only have to provide nursing care to the patients, they also have to support the family members who come to visit.

Health is the support of being in a sound body and mind, functioning socially, mentally, and physically with the absence of illness of disease. When a person has no health related issues to worry about, he is considered to be healthy.

The environment influences the patients' distinctive adaptive and coping skills. When providing the caring factors to patients, nurses should focus on them and give them adequate support in order to calm him down. The significance of the environment can never be ruled out while dealing with patients. The room should be clean, comfortable, and pleasing. It should be like the second ...
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