John F. Kennedy And Cold War

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John F. Kennedy and Cold War


The term Cold War is use to define an extremely tense international situation, in which the two powers began an arms race and adopted a belligerent attitude that led them to clash, but never became an armed struggle directly. This confrontation expressed in localized conflicts outside its territory, in the form of long and bloody wars in which the confrontation occurred indirectly through allies inconsiderable powers. In addition, conflicts during the Cold War inserted in the context of the decolonization process initiated following the Second World War. Confirmed the dominance of the world and accepted the status quo in 1945 defined the problem, along more than twenty years, was the location in each of the blocks, the advanced countries formed after the independence process (Dudziak 2002, 67).

President Kennedy

President Kennedy worked in presidential office from 1961-1963. During this time, he flexibly responded to communist expansion, especially to guerrilla warfare. The “Kennedy Doctrine” that was initialed by the President that refers to the foreign policy initiatives. These initiatives were taken for Latin America during the time-period of his presidency. During this, he also supported Communism and supported the reversal of Communist progress in the Western Hemisphere.

In January 1961, during his inaugural address, he presented the people of America with a blueprint. On the basis of this, the initiative of future foreign policy formulation was to be taken with regards to administration. This was supposed to follow later and represent. Moreover, during the address he also warned that every nation should know that America will assure the survival and success of liberty no matter what price they have to pay or bear. Moreover, the President also referred to the public to assist in the struggle against the enemies and beat tyranny, poverty and war. During this address, the Cold War was prominent, and it also highlighted the mentality of the President and his administration (Kennedy 1981, 12).

USA under Kennedy

Kennedy delivered the famous speech that gives the start of the American lunar program. "Our nation must commit to land man on the moon and bring him safely to Earth before the end of the decade." It thus responds to the USSR in the Cold War, had taken several steps ahead in space exploration. It reinforces the concept of New Frontier of space, he had already mentioned in an inaugural speech as a candidate for the presidential election, 15 July 1960. Kennedy's mandate was marked by the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States and major crises to counter communist expansion. Early in his presidency, he thought, the world can be improved by peaceful means and, it creates the regiments of peace (Kennedy 1981, 12).

Kennedy's foreign policy had better results in 1963. During a triumphant visit to Europe, he was warmly received in West Berlin. He vowed to continue its support to the Federal Republic of Germany. In June, he delivered an innovative foreign policy speech in which he called the end of the Cold War. The two ...
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