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Leadership has been defined as "activity to influence people to voluntarily strive to achieve the objectives of the group." Per group is meant a small group, a branch of the organization, organization, etc. Because what matters here is the leadership in the organizational field, from now on use the word "organization" to mean taken as a whole or any sector or group of compounds.

Your self-identified strength and area for improvement, and your enacted leadership behavior

A leader is required to have lot of qualities in him or her. Leaders establish unity of purpose and direction of the organization. They can create and maintain internal development in which members of the organization are being fully involved in achieving the objectives of the organization. Develop and understand the needs and expectations of consumers: (Falbe, 1992)

Ensure that organizational goals are linked to the needs and expectations of consumers.

As a leader, my self- identified strength is connecting with my employees and managing group dynamics. In order to improve this quality we can follow these steps:

Understanding the goals and making them clear to my team. Educating them about the goals and objectives

Assess the weakness and the strength of my team members. Explain clearly that how and what you expect your team members to do. (Dorfman, Howell, 1997)

Hold yourself answerable and take the responsibility of your team members

You have to handle changes very effectively

Try and maintain discipline within the team

Team Dynamics

Leadership is to be able to lead others to achieve the distinguished achievements and the kind of leadership have a head start in understanding the current situation and what affects it of developments as they are able to understand what will be the future as you look at it in an intelligent way and is working to adapt it to serve its objectives. If you cannot adapt this command to fit with future plans, fads sophisticated methods and changed their plans to create better conditions for success. This leadership should be able and all standards of creativity and creation are able to enclose the same people who are able to extend a helping hand at any time to complete the plans they have developed. These people are the main pillar of leadership teams that they have achieved success in particular and for the institution in which they work in general, which transcends the larger goal of these teams on the goal of each member of the team. The existence of the difference leads to reassure people, especially when they get out of the scope of the "comfort zone", which are used to working within it, they feel comfortable and trust as long as they are within this region, and feel a bit concerned if they leave. Insightful leadership out the teams outside the comfort zone to be trained on the circumstances and conditions of work and is not familiar to them, and vision and expanded the horizon and training to work more effectively with each other. The work outside the comfort zone puts the difference in ...
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