Leadership Development Plan

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Leadership Development Plan

Personal Leadership Development Plan


Just think for a moment of the following phrase, “learning for life” is substituting a “Job for life” which is the career model. The bottom line of leadership development plan is how to accept the “learning for life” prototype, and arrive at a reality which works for you development. A leader must have something unique in their characteristics. Your skills at this point must be such that match with the needs of changing circumstances. This is a personal challenges to all leaders, of acclimatize and innovating yourself in return to fundamental changes in work.

Personal Leadership development plan has been defined as a plan which intentional efforts to provide a plan with opportunities to learn, grow and change. In addition to that, leadership development is an effort aimed at providing an opportunity to emerging leaders to produce the skills which necessary needed to function effectively within the organization. In this paper, I am developing my leadership plan which will help me in effectiveness leadership.

Effective Leadership

Effective leadership is a single input aspect of success in a group or team and nearly everyone can learn to be an effective leader. As we know leaders are made, they are not born. Leadership is more than just what one does or how one acts; effective leadership can be viewed through the framework of knowing, being, and doing. Knowing involves the knowledge one has and the values, beliefs, attitudes and awareness one possesses, and doing reflects one's actions, behaviors and skills. Effective leadership involves each of these three components, and the components are interconnected. For example, what you know can influence how you think; how you act or behave can lead to a new awareness or new knowledge. Developing a leader also means developing a person through becoming more knowledgeable about oneself, others and leadership concepts; through identifying and solidifying one's values, beliefs, and commitments. How good am I at building and leading teams the scores according to my team members are:

II-C-2-Score1: Reward 3.2

II-C-2-Score2: Coercive 1

II-C-2-Score3: Legitimate 4.7

II-C-2-Score4: Expert 5

II-C-2-Score5: Referent 5

The concept of emotional intelligence stresses the importance of awareness of oneself and others in the leadership relationship. This aspect of the leadership process is important as organizations are made up of people and to create change one must be able to work with and mobilize others. The emotional intelligence component of leadership is vital to one's own self-awareness and leadership effectiveness, developing and maintaining meaningful relationships with others, and organizational success (Hersey P. & Blanchard, 1982).

Personal Leadership Plan

Personal leadership specifies the personality we possess while working as a team. The leadership plan which I am, discussing here indicates the strategies of the leaders that were relevant to my team members. This leadership plan develops the strategies, which will help me in. The steps for leadership development plan are

Step 1 Individual preparation/self-assessment

Step 2 Articulate vision

Step 3 Got Goals!

Step 4 Action plan your way to success

Step 5 Communicate your plan

Step 6 Monitor progress

These are the strategies which I will be ...
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