Left Versus Right Brain

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Left versus Right Brain and How It Can Impact Learning

Left versus Right Brain and How It Can Impact Learning


The brain is the most important and complex organ of the human body and is responsible for the proper functioning of the body. The brain has two halves; right and left. The right and left halves of the brain perform different functions. The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left side of the body controls the right side of the body. Being left or right brained is known as brain dominance (Beals, 2009). It tells us which half of the brain is dominant in a human body. The characteristics of a right brained person are different from that of a left brained.


The two halves of the brain think differently thus they perform tasks differently as well. Description and characteristics of both halves of the brain are discussed below.

Right Brain

The right brained people are more creative and follow their intuition while doing any kind of work. These people do not follow logic and are able to relate one or more things in different contexts. Right brained people have imaginative thinking and are subjective. They depend a lot on their feelings and take decisions. People who are right brained dominant are usually left handed and are very analytical (Jensen, 2008).

Left Brain

People who are dominated by the left half of the brain are logical and sequential. They like to follow steps for every work, be it an office task or a school assignment. Left brained people are verbal but show little gestures while talking. They are good with numbers, letters and words (Jensen, 2008). They usually are interested in science, talking and writing. They can be good as solving problems and is good ...
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