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Literature Review: Protein Molecular Biology


When we use the word” Protein molecular biology” ,first of all we need to define what do we mean by 'molecular biology'. When we use the word “Molecular Biology”, it refers to discussing biological activities with reference to the molecular basis. Biological activities are also known as pharmacological activity. These activities basically addresses the issues related to the adverse effect of drugs on living matters. Now when we talk specifically about 'Protein molecular biology' which is denoted by “S2”.The method used to determine the protein size in the laboratory settings, which is known as polyacrylamide gel, it is where the de natured protein is disintegrated in the presence of detergent sodium dodecyl sulfate. However making this gel is not an easiest of the task because it involves several hazardous and toxic chemicals. To counter this problem nontoxic agrose are usually used to produce a concentrated version of SDS which is already treated by protein. In this innovative process, most of the students SDS gel to do things like molecular weighting and peptide analysis of mapping and the identification of enzymes (Henn, 1994).

Literature Review

The Literature review on this topic is extensive. Molecular Biology of Protein entails rich amount of topics under its ambit. Let's explores the literature available on the topic “Protein Molecular Biology”. First of all let's talk about molecular cloning .It is a process of separating specified DNA sequences and getting several copies of it. Cloning is most often used as a way to intensify DNA fragments containing Genes. But cloning can be used to intensify any DNA genes such as non-coding sequences, promoters etc and randomly split DNA. Cloning is used in different approaches and has a wide range of uses like scale protein production (Shafer, 2002).

A straightforward and the most simple strategy for cloning (Molecular) is the use of specific gel and the selection of antibiotics uses the gel to attain an elimination of DNA extraction. Through extraction by gel electrophoresis. There are number of using cloning through SDS gel, some of the major advantages are as follows:

Cloning that is produced using SDS-Gel is more efficient than cloning produced by other method, In fact to be more precise the cloning using gel method I 10 times more efficient.

The DNA requirement is 5 times less if you use this method.

Finally the most important thing that makes it a more efficient method of cloning that is it takes much less time than any other method.

Segments of two complementary strands of DNA are depicted in the space below. The 5'-to-3' strand is the top strand and the complementary 3'-to-5' strand is on the bottom. Design a forward primer complementary to the bold sequence in the 5'-to-3' strand, along with a reverse primer complementary to the bold sequence in the 3'-to-5' strand. Write in the nucleotide sequence of the primers immediately adjacent to the bold sequences in a manner you would expect to see them when they anneal to those ...
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