Malcolm X Contributions To The Civil Rights

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Malcolm X Contributions to the Civil Rights

Malcolm X Contributions to the Civil Rights


The topic under study is related to the civil rights in USA. It addresses a question related to the advances of civil rights through the federal court rather than the local organizations or an individual. Furthermore, it includes the opinion of the white opposition about the civil rights movement. Civil rights are the people right, provided by the government, to protect people's freedom and unnecessary violations and enables the participation in the civil life of the state. These rights include safety of people, equality on all grounds such as gender, religion, race, nationalism, age and cultural identity. Moreover, it provides freedom of thoughts and speech (Raymond, 1987).

The Civil Rights Movement

The campaigning movement to liberate African American U.S. citizens from legal and institutional oppression is often called the civil rights movement. The rights for which the movement fought included direct rights to political and legal participation but also rights to full and equal participation in public activities that are not, at first glance, overtly political. The range of activities over which the civil rights movement fought reflects the wide range of aspects of life that are central to one's full and equal participation in society: education, economic activities, and family life, including marriage.

In Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1963 “Letter From Birmingham Jail,” he describes the urgent need for reform, cataloguing a series of injustices that includes lynchings, police brutalities, and poverty among African Americans, and ending with his own personal dilemma when trying to explain to his young daughter why a television advertisement for an amusement park is not aimed at her and why the park will exclude her. Elimination of discrimination in all areas was, and remains, one of the core goals of the movement. And the African American campaign should be understood as generating and working alongside related civil rights campaigns to end discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, disability, and species membership. These various civil rights movements, with their overriding aim to secure for all citizens a full and equal status as members of the community, should be distinguished from ant colonial and indigenous groups' campaigns against imperial domination, which aim for political self-determination and from campaigns for wider respect for welfare rights in general (Kasher, 2000).

Advances of Civil Rights

This has been a debate by many, that these rights should be determined by the individuals instead of the federal court. These are the opponents of civil rights advances; but this opposition is due the fact that civil rights are advances through federal courts and, they identify it as the State Rights. In their opinion, civil rights should be determined by local organizations. However, in the United States, federal courts have the responsibility for advancing people rights. This is in accordance to the US law that the federal court promotes equality, which is part of civil right. The existence of the federal court is to promote law and ensure ...
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