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Company Overview

The case study is about a company named “SET” which was formed on 1979 and then achieved the highest growth but afterwards the company started to decline. The main reason of this decline was that the company was relying on only one customers and he afterwards decided to withdraw his capital. The property of SET was owned by someone privately in the era of 1930 to 1981. At that time there wasn't any unit which could suggest the industrial site for the company. Afterwards, in 1981 the company was purchased by Nuclear Sources and Services Inc. (NSSI). The company afterwards faced so many problems and the administration issues which are discussed below.

Present a field force analysis to illustrate the drivers and restrainers of change.

Identify the typology of change that SET was facing at the time the change manager was appointed.

Every situation is the result of the interaction of variables that make up a force field and determine the current reality. The force field analysis is a technique applicable to problematic social situations which are not perceived as static but in constant motion generated by the forces that influence them.

The apparent stability of the force field is sustained by a precarious balance between driving forces and restraining forces. The aim is to assess the impact that may cause the proposed solutions. The force field is visible or invisible power, active or passive, tangible or intangible, and is a result which can be pressed to make changes and introduce new strengths.

The discipline is excellent because it allows assessing whether the solution is feasible because if there is overwhelming factors such as lack of budget, a proposal to include it as an indispensable factor will surely fail. The consideration of all factors can generate a better strategy.

The initial model is to define the current status of the force field to compare them with the ideal that one would like to achieve. Then carefully separate the driving forces considering restricting people, systems, norms, attitudes, prejudices, materials, measured by arrows of varying size located from the top down or bottom-up until the horizontal axis, and determine the current situation.

The drawing force field is assimilated into the visual diagnosis of the problem and the techniques used are: a) reduce or remove a restraining force b) increase and / or add a driving force c) Transform a restraining force in a driving force.

Set Inc. was facing so many changes in the organisation at the time when change manager was appointed. The main reason of the change was the recruitment of the operational staff without any formal procedures and the interviews. This was the main reason of the error due to which the field manager thought of changing the staff as the proper training was not held.

Another reason of change was the authoritative issues in the administration and the finance department. The department head was the wife of managing director of the company and she ...
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