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Television Marketing -

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Below the Line Strategy4

Above the Line Strategy5


Television Marketing -

Introduction is a company that focuses on luring the consumer into purchasing insurance policies for their cars. They are mainly focused on proving their products and service through the online and TV method. It is a company based on the U.K., which focuses on attracting the consumers in the car market into purchasing the insurance policies to their cars through them. Among the major benefits that associated with the use of by the customers is that they get cheaper deals. There is a presentation that they have links with more than one hundred insurance companies., visits the insurance company providers to derive the most appropriate deals for the consumers. Such companies like Confused. Com deals with include AA, and other leading insurance companies. Confused allows the consumers in the market to compare prices of the insurance policies from different companies.

In addition to this, the strategic planning pertaining to the television marketing campaign allows the with a proper logical and the methodical procedure that builds up with the effective strategies of marketing. This strategic planning related to the marketing has three significant and essential stages that include segmentation of the existing players of the markets that are insurance companies, summarization of the segments of the market, also the growth and expansion of the segments of the market pertaining to the marketing campaign.


The marketing department had improved management since July 2010, when Mike Hoban entered the role of marketing director. Prior to joining, he spent 18 months as director of communications, contributing to the position of their website as the official site of the nation. This led seamlessly into the longest campaigns, with accessories in a single carton on a white background. In addition to this, the organizational strategy is a systemic concept, made up of essential parts which are independently distinguishable but which together forms a new and better strategy which ultimately affect the whole organization in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of the organizational productivity. In the strategic television marketing campaign of the company, a definite goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal pertaining to the event management of promoting the local businesses.

Below the Line Strategy

This section will discuss the advertising of, that is below the line advertising and below the line is the type of strategy that does not use mass media, and but sales promotion campaigns used, advertising and direct advertising, street marketing, mail shots, posters, advertising deals in hand etc. Below the line refers to the promotion of forms of non-media or advertising, and has become increasingly important in the communication mix of many companies, not just those involved in consumer products but also for industrial products.

In 2009, launched a bold new advertising campaign, which aimed to bring in customers to the company's website. The marketing campaign of the company was the first of its kind, because it used real people ...
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