Marketing Plan On Apple Ipod

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Marketing Plan on Apple IPod

Marketing Plan on Apple IPod

Apple IPod

The success of IPod is contributed by its performance and functionality of the target market in which it is offered. IPod is a palm-sized, electronic tool mainly developed as alternate for big size music players but now days, technically advance IPods are used for telecommunication purposes also. The iPod is competent of storing a huge amount of songs and it can operate for a long time on a single battery charge.

Current Market situation

The market of portable digital music players is turning into monopolistic competition. As more and more companies are launching their portable digital music players and the competitive edge acquired by Apple in form of software installed in IPod is no more a differential advantage.

IPod's belonging to digital music industry makes it differentiate from other of its nature. The other digital portable music players were out dated during last five years as they don't possess the quality introduced by Apple. Launched by Microsoft in 2010, MS Zune (digital portable music player) is the main competitor of IPod in recent times. The substitute and relative products are Sony walkman X, Creative Zen and Samsung Yepp (Martin, 2009).

Marketing Objectives & Strategy

IMac, IPad and IPhone 5 are expected to launch with more attractive features. As Apple strategy in market is turning point for its competitors. The iPod completed the destiny of Apple, and it position as the key achievement in the corporation development. 2nd generation of iPods made it friendly and compatible with the Mac operating systems and Windows operating systems.The basis of everything, for a company that competes on the international market as Apple is local adaptation. Consumer expectations and market shares of Apple vary by country that is why the communication ...
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