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Matthew Exegetical

Analysis of Matthew 5: 43-48

Matthew 5:43-48 is from the New Testament book of Matthew that falls under the broad genre of Gospel. Matthew 5:43-48 contains the teaching of Jesus about what it means to love others as God loves us. Matthew had very strong feelings about freedom and how humans should love and care for each other, regardless if they did not care for you. He believed that no one should be without love; everyone should believe that God can forgive the enemy and fill them with all the loving services required. As far as Matthew's career is concerned, he began as a tax collector in Galilee, then became a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The setting of Matthew took place on a mountain, when Matthew started teaching the gospel anywhere from “AD 50 - to AD 100”. He summarized Jesus' ministry and started healing the sick, epileptics and paralytics. From his experience we can say that Matthew had healed them all. Matthew's sermons were full of love and they expressed how the kingdom of heaven was supported. Matthew was quick to say, “But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 44).

Matthew continued preaching the Gospel in Hebrew for fifteen years to the Jewish community in Judea. He brought righteousness to the Jews with powerful quotes, “For if you love those who love you, what reward have you” (Matthew 46). Matthew was highly recognized for his life and actions toward Jesus. He refers to the kingdom of heaven in his writings often to show the Jewish nation that Jesus of Nazareth was powerful.

Scholars are still researching Matthew to determine where he wrote the Gospel, but most concluded that Matthew was written in Palestine. Even today after extensive research of scholars this fact is still unknown. Scholars still agrees that Matthew's writing was intended for the Jewish community. Matthew wrote 5:43-48 to bring people together and to give God thanks for the interventions of our lives. He believed that a man that follows God should have the same attitude towards men as God is. They should be honest, trustful, reliable, and never turn away from him when he is struggling (Buttrick).

Personal Translation

As kids when we were growing up many of us must have heard the saying to treat everyone equal and love them as if they were your family. It is explained in a way that if someone tries to push you that extra mile during your track practice proceed further and do not let them tell you how far to proceed. In terms of friendship if your friend wants to cheat off of your paper during a test in college, you can refuse because it is dishonesty. It is important to put on the armor of God so you can stand up against these dishonest schemes (Ephesians 6:11).

God has created life for evil and the good, and he shares love and forgiveness to everyone. He does not choose friends; he simply loves everyone and ...
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