Miami School District Negotiation

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Miami School District Negotiation

Miami School District Negotiation

Miami School District Negotiation


The Miami school district is known to be one of the most prestigious districts in Miami. Miami district has the highest grade point average of students as well as the highest turn over in graduates. Due to the districts reputation there is an unexpected increase in enrollment this year. Each year the school board comes up with different ideas on how to accommodate all students enrolling. In the past two years the district was approved one million dollars in funds to expand classrooms, hire additional help and develop new extra curricular activities.

Impact of Objections

Due to the increasing enrollment each year, the school board has decided to redraw boundaries for the upcoming year and because of this change, most of the existing students will not be able to attend their current school. Once the proposition was announced, parents expressed their thoughts and opinions. Many parents objected the proposition for many reasons such as, quality of education, increased travel time, crossing economic cultural boundaries, possible affects on property value and last, social affects on children.

Through effective negotiation and strategic campaign, the student's parents will hopefully be successful in changing the school boards propositions for the upcoming year. According to business dictionary, strategy is defined as "a written plan which combines product development, promotion, distribution, and pricing approach, identifies the firm's marketing goals, and explains how they will be achieved within a stated timeframe." The parents and students have exactly one year to come up with an outlined proposition discussing their concerns, suggestions, and positive outcome if the proposition is over ruled. The school board is skeptical on the proposed outline the parents are presenting against them regarding district boundaries.


The first question that must be answered is who are the stakeholders? The stakeholders in this situation are the families that will be directly affective by the school boards actions and policies that will be implemented in the upcoming year. Some key questions that the stakeholder must take into consideration are:

• Who is exactly responsible for conclusions on matters important to the project?

• Who retains positions of blame in involved organizations?

• Who is influential in the task locality (both thematic and geographic areas)?

• Who will be influenced by the project?

• Who will promote or support the project, provided that they are involved?

• Who will hinder the project if they are not involved?

• Who has been involved ...
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