Mobile Computing And Social Networking

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Mobile Computing and Social Networking


The impact of Information Technology is very obvious now on almost every field from education to medicine and engineering to chemistry. Mobile computing and social networking websites are also a great source of improvement in health care system as well as effective management of patient's records. This paper aims to examine the role of mobile computing and social media websites in health care system and improvement of patient's health conditions.

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Mobile Computing and Social Networking


In today's modern and rapidly changing technology has brought many benefits to the human beings. It is a fact that Information Technology and its smart products like mobile computing and social networking has allowed people to share their experiences and stories with their peers, family and friends (Talukder & Yavagal, 2006). Similarly the use of mobile computing and social media websites cannot be denied from healthcare system management as it not only allows patients to keep record of their blood pressure, glucose level and diabetes in hospitals through remote access, but it also enables doctors to treat their patients saving their enough amount of time and other resources (Nikita et al., 2012). In fact, the role of social media has become very important in the life of today's people as they use such mediums or websites to share not only matters of their interest but also some important matters like health as well as other social issues. In fact, Information Technology and Communication (telemedicine, patient records common, etc.) influence the health care system, the relationship between medical professionals and city structures hospital, and the relationship between doctors and their patients. (Ho et al., 2012).

Mobile Computing and Health Care

There is no doubt about the fact that mobile or wireless applications and equipments allows health care institutions to get various benefits in relation to improvement of patient's health conditions as well as overall system of health care institution. In fact, the mobile computing is a greatest way to collect histories, record patient's information, monitor their vital signs, managing their medications through PDAs (Nikita et al., 2012). Access to and use of the Internet by businesses and populations are unevenly distributed on the planet. The use of ICT is expected not only by health professionals but also by patients to be beneficial for the health care system. The use of new technologies is also conducive to the emergence of new risks (Ho et al., 2012). In the health are paramount the confidentiality of personal data, their use and medical liability. 

US have also disparities within its own territory and its people; we speak of "cyber-inequality". Number of Internet users regularly consults medical information. But studies performed in the Hexagon show relatively little online shopping and a fortiori in this field (Nikita et al., 2012).

Telemedicine is a technology of communication has been one of booms the most important in recent years. ICT involved at different stages of care: diagnostics for assistance decision, Tele-consultation and Tele-monitoring for improving access to care and monitoring patients away, ...
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