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The Modern Quest for Meaning

The Modern Quest for Meaning


Each generation feels steeper than all previous ones. Nevertheless, the modern world may delight itself on its victories over the past follies and foibles. It shows that the growth we make questions the worth of our achievements. In order to understand the meaning of the modern quest for meaning, we have to understand and use the religious practice and ritual. Expectedly, as with any transition in life whether personal, familial, or social, there are fault lines, divisions and serious misunderstandings that arise between people. Camus, Mahfouz, Garcia Marquez and Del Toro era, life was very difficult. These writer concept and themes are somehow similar. Searching the meaning of life is a weighty question. Every life is important in some content. Modern world has observed the both natural and manmade disaster, and that have lifted lasting questions like the world is a plan, what is the purpose of life, and suffering meaning. These authors have talked about the thing but in a different manner and with engaging themes. However, if you compare this concept with the modern writers, the questions are unanswerable. According to these writers, we are living in the fundamentally absurd universe and in this universe answer arrive among humanity, not from god or nature (


The philosophical and spiritual issues relevant to the determination of the ultimate goal of existence, destiny of humanity, man as a species, one of the basic philosophical concepts has enormous significance for the formation of spiritual and moral aspect of personality. The question of the meaning of life can also be understood as a subjective assessment of past life and correspondence of results achieved the original intent, understanding how a man content and direction of his life, his place in the world, as the problem of human impacts on the surrounding reality and putting a human purpose beyond its life.

Meanings of life represents the process of human activity and are dependent on their social position, content problems to be solved, lifestyle, world view, a particular historical situation. In favorable conditions, one can see the meaning of his life to achieve happiness and prosperity, in a hostile environment, existence; life can lose it for its value and meaning. The meaning of life is present in every developed ideological system, justifying, and inherent in interpreting this system, moral norms and values, demonstrating the purpose of justifying their work to be prescribed (Selvarajah A., 2001).

The social situation of individuals, groups, classes, and their needs and interests, aspirations and expectations of the principles and rules of conduct define the content of mass representations of the meaning of life that every social system has a character, although certain moments and find the frequency. Exposing the theoretical analysis of the mass consciousness of the meaning of life, many philosophers have preceded from the recognition of certain immutable "human nature", constructing on this basis, a certain ideal of man, beyond which seen and the meaning of life, the predominant purpose of ...
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