My Personal Philosophy Of Student Services

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My Personal Philosophy of Student Services

My Personal Philosophy of Student Services

Since childhood as far as I can remember, I always wanted to adopt teaching as my profession. The main reason was that teaching has been running down my family starting with my grandparents. Their profession was teaching and my grandfather even went on to become the Minister of Education in the Prime minister cabinet in St. Lucia, my home town. Even my parents, who lived in the small villages in St. Lucia, began their careers in teaching. Since I am familiar with this profession, and I wish to serve others, I decided to adopt teaching as my profession.

Although I was born in New York City, I spent most of my childhood in the small Caribbean island of my parents' birth, St. Lucia. I would say that I had an excellent childhood, with many of my childhood memories outside of home, centering on school. I always loved education, and wanted to become a teacher as a child. One reason was that I faced some challenges on my educational journey, as at a young I had to undergo major surgery to combat scoliosis that I still fight today. My family and teachers however, always made me feel like a normal child. My teachers especially made it possible for me to continue my education without getting off track and having to repeat any classes. I believe that it was due to my teachers care and support that I was able to graduate on time in St. Lucia and move to the United States to complete my education.

My first job in 1999 was in at Baruch College's Zicklin Executive Programs. From the very beginning, I enjoyed working with the students and each day it was a pleasure to come to work. I started working a ...
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