Nature And Technology In Warfare Evolved

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Nature and Technology in Warfare evolved

Nature and Technology in Warfare evolved


Technology therefore influenced every aspect of the war front. Meanwhile, the home front was by no means immune to the influence of new inventions. For example, the clothing needs of the Union army caused the sewing machine to be implemented throughout Northern factories during the war. Although this was a fairly small change, the move toward mechanization would become a dominant theme of the post-war era. Another important change on the home front during the war had to do with the role of journalism in American society and in warfare.

Wars and battles of the Ancient Chinese and Roman societies 500-1500 years had different approach dealing with weapons, equipment, fighting techniques and tactics of soldiers in Western Europe and the Orient. That distant time, often referred to as the “Age of Chivalry”, i.e. heavily armed, clad in the armor of the horsemen. Nevertheless, in this paper we will compare and contrast the approaches which were adopted by the Ancient Chinese and Roman societies, as both slightly differ with their techniques. Science and technology made possible the creation of military machinery that murdered millions of human beings. Besides bombs and chemical weapons of devastating local effects, it was available and to use weapons that threaten the very existence of human life and any other form of life on the planet.

War is the action more violent, cruel and inhumane that a minority of society committed against humanity. Not only is destruction of enemy forces and their strategic areas, but also of people, entire cultures, nature and man has methods that are capable of destroying nature, and this aims to achieve its ends economic, political and military. The face of war is destruction, genocide, extermination and death, is the culture of the disappearance of humanity. In the last fifty years the scientific and technological artifacts have varied forms of human life and nature have affected more intense than it had expected the transforming activity of our species in the thousands of previous years. Without doubt, this has been achieved progress in living conditions for many people.


The Nuclear Weapons

The Cold War was largely a war of technology, the competition for the development of nuclear weapons more deadly and the production and storage of them in quantities that made possible the destruction of several planets like this. Along with these military applications, science and technology have been other developments more presentable, but no less formidable. Faced with all these effects of techno-scientific activity, from the sixties social movements have been numerous practical and activist who has denounced the dangers of uncontrolled techno-scientific development and social participation has called on the government science and technology. From the mobilizations against situations of risk to the proposed supranational institutions (governmental and non-governmental) in favor of control, democratization and justice in the direction of techno-scientific development, has been expressing a growing social awareness of the issues science and technology that calls for public participation in decisions related to ...
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