Effect Of Technology On Leisure

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Effect of Technology on Leisure

Effect of Technology on Leisure


Leisure is an important period of our daily routine. We work hard to gain resources and use the remaining time to enjoy these resources. Leisure is the time when we are free from our occupational responsibilities. As the human history has progressed, the necessary time for survival has decreased. In medieval times, a person spent most of his time in his or her profession. In general, most professions used all the available time. Leisure was a luxury only affordable enough to royal blood and dignitaries. Most leisurely activities included religious festivals and regional games. Feasts and carnivals were the mainstay of the day. As the humans evolved, the technology improved. Travelling got easier. People started to have more care free time. It caused the advent of what we call hobbies. People started doing things just for the pleasure of it. Gardening, horse riding and archery are some of the earliest hobbies to have started. As modern times approached, technology boomed into wonders. Over the past century, the technological advancements certainly occurred at blinding speed. Technology has changed the lifestyle that was followed previously. The newfound free time gives rise to the need of modern activities of leisure. However, the technological advancements have also produced the negative effect of creating negativity of laziness in people.

Technology affects all aspects of life. Activities of leisure are enhanced by technology. It provides resources for the leisurely activities. I believe that technology has affected leisure in a positive way. In short stunts of time, we can enjoy or favorite pass times. Technology has affected the lifestyle of Homo sapiens as they have found more leisure due to automation and modern methods. As the famous saying of Aristotle, “the end of labor is to gain leisure” (www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/a/aristotle148493.html).

As the 21st century moves forward, leisure is going to be a key market for economics. The trend looks towards more home based products such as home DVD entertainment and virtual reality scenarios. The question is, will technology affect leisurely activities positively or negatively? Although it is a debatable subject right now but positive change seems to be the winning scenario. With technologies such as Nintendo Wii are already progressing games entertainments, one must sure hope to find new contriving that will boost entertainment.


Leisure and Technology

Technology has had a profound effect on the human society over the past few decades. Previously, most professions required a proper workplace and environment. The advent of the internet has caused a boom in the unconventional jobs that can be done while sitting perhaps in a sofa at home. On the other hand, the technology all around us bores us sometimes so that we want to take leisure in a recreational activity. I believe that technology has enhanced the quality of leisure. There are exercising machines, gaming consoles, lawn mowers and all the kind of equipment available that one can use for recreation. Technology affects leisure in more than one ways. It makes us do work quicker ...
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