Nokia Telecommunication Industry

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Nokia in the Telecommunication Industry

Nokia in the Telecommunication Industry


Nokia is a world leader in the mobile market, based in Helsinki, with over 31billion dollar of income. He has a good reputation worldwide. It is a leading brand in some areas and is growing every day. Vision of a world where everything is connected can contribute to sustainable development. The company operates worldwide diverse population. For example, the European market, people can be divided into various sub-cultures and consumer behavior is also different. Also today, telecommunications, it is important to people for work and leisure. In addition, consumers are better informed about the choice of mobile phone. As the technology market, perhaps the most important factors that Nokia should consider. They must keep abreast of the latest technologies so that they capture the largest market and outperform their competitors. (Bluetooth, GRSP, and the camera) Nokia reaches 130 countries and nearly 250 network operators.

SWOT Analysis


Strong brand name of Nokia. Nokia is a leader in telecommunications and electronics. Its extensive distribution network worldwide, so that products are easily accessible to target customers. products and quality services is high. The product range is very wide. The financial aspect is strong, it is a lucrative business if it can be easily innovations. Nokia has a very well liked likeness amidst the public. Public, glimpse Nokia, up to date humanity and latest tendency that make stylish telephones, which offer straightforward, but by tallying on their phones. This, of course, boost sales of their goods and decrease new merchandise failure(Lynch, 2006, p12) Nokia is very friendly business environment, with focus on recycling. This is a affirmative mind-set to the natural environment assists to persons about them and minimize the risk of awful press, which reflects on them. It can sway sales and attractiveness amidst the population.


Nokia's major weakness is their employment and production. Currently, they make their telephones in Salo, Finland. They accept as factual that the output of its telephones in the district of the world rises the value and correctness of their wireless telephones as the last product. However, if they were to function the vegetation in another location, for example Taiwan, they will be adept to save cash on output and boost profits(Lank, 2006, p44).

Market fragmentation may lead to redundant difficulties for Nokia in the future. For demonstration, if competitors started to make expert goods (eg, sport, phones), Nokia does not stay because they are actually employed appliance, which may not be adept to rendezvous the desires of new products. Thus, it would permit competitors to use this gap in the market and let the Nokia back. If they manage not supply such alterations in their change may be too slow.Nokia is actually established in Salo, Finland. Because of their position relation to their market (United States) a large expanse between the charges of conveying their items is very high.


Nokia can increase its market share by introducing the brand into new markets and new target market and ...
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