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Nonprofit management

Nonprofit Management

Brief over view of the organization

Full House is a multi-service nonprofit organization in Detroit, Michigan, USA. To be established in 2008, the mission of the organization is to promote the well being of all new immigrants and to help immigrants establish themselves in the community. We encourage their participation in the community by delivering these five major services to them: housing services, social services, employment services, education services, and health services. The majority of the funding for the organization will come from donations and government assistance. Although there will be a small fee for some service that are provided, this will be only because of external costs.

The reason why an organization like Full House is required is because there are many immigrants in, and still coming to, the USA. The government does not provide specialized service for immigrants and private companies that provide a similar service cost too much for the average immigrant. Detroit, where the first office of Full House will be located is home to around one million people. Detroit is made up of a number of different ethnicities. Apart from the Caucasians, 14 percent of Detroit is African American, six percent is Asian, seven percent is Hispanic and two percent comes from somewhere else (US Census Bureau, 2000). The large immigrant population is a perfect place for Full House to begin serving the community.

Board of Directors

The major decisions of the organization are made by the elected board of directors. Each director runs for reelection every year, and it is the staff and volunteer that have served more than three months with the organization that get to vote. The board of directors meets a minimum of twice a month to discuss fundraising, budget allocation and expansion. The board of directors is not compensated for their effort, but they do receive a lot of publicity in the organization?s pamphlets.

Executive Director

The day to day operations are taken care of by the executive director (CEO). In order to reduce the costs, the CEO of the Full House should also have CFO level experience. His purpose is to solve problems that arise daily, make sure that the budget is balanced and to supervise the staff. The executive director is appointed by the board of directors and is a paying position. He has substantial reporting responsibility to the chairman of the board of directors and the head of the board's audit committee every month. He also should participate in the organization's strategic and financial planning processes and risk management. He has to set financial goals in support of nonprofit operations and strategic directions, and monitor financial processes, policies, systems and personnel. In addition, he provides assurance that financial reporting is accurate, error-free, and free from misrepresentation. This will prevent the Full House to get into financial difficulty.


The organization will also have a volunteer supervisor, a number of counselors and staff for administration. The purpose of the volunteer supervisor is to recruit, motivate and retain ...
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