Public And Nonprofit Management

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Public and Nonprofit Management

Public and Nonprofit Management

American Institute of Philanthropy

Founded by Daniel Borochoff in 1992, AIP describes itself as “fiercely independent.” Borochoff serves as a nationally-recognized voice in the assessment and analysis of charitable organizations and the actions of such organizations. One of the first tools AIP offers is a listing of what it considers “top” or “best rated” charities - classifying charities by purpose and then assigning a grade, such as “A” or “B”. AIP analyzes charity financial documents to identify charities that are financially efficient, and ones that are not, and publishes its findings. AIP encourages donors to give to charities that will allocate most of their contributions to program services that benefit the people and to causes that donors wish to support. AIP also promotes charity accountability and transparency through its research on the rapidly changing nonprofit field. AIP publishes the Charity Rating Guide & Watchdog Report, containing ratings of the financial efficiency of over 500 United States charities. The ratings are grades ranging from A+ (best) to F (worst) and are based on analysis of charities' financial documents(Howell 2008). The ratings include the percentage of a charity's budget that is spent on program services, how much it costs a charity to raise $100, an accountability measure, and the salaries of the charity's three highest-paid employees. The Guide also features articles about problems in the nonprofit field and tips to help donors make wise giving decisions and avoid charity scams. AIP posts its top-rated charities on its website. AIP also investigates ethical issues surrounding charity spending, including salaries and payouts, financial reporting, telemarketing and direct-mail solicitation campaigns, and governance. AIP shares the results of its research with the media and government agencies and works closely with these parties to educate the public about informed giving.

Board of Directors

Daniel Borochoff has long been a strong and independent voice for ethics and transparency in the nonprofit sector. He founded the American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP), a nationally acclaimed charity watchdog, in 1992 to address the need for research and analysis on charity finances, fundraising practices and governance(Lowell Trelstad Meehan 2005). AIP provides information on wise giving to thousands of concerned individuals, foundations, and corporations. Borochoff has 20 years of experience as a philanthropic and financial analyst. Thousands of newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations have covered his insights into nonprofit practices. He is Vice Chairman of the Hearts and Minds Network and was a founding board member of the ePhilanthropy Foundation. AIP President Daniel Borochoff has testified before Congress about veterans charities the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the philanthropic response to the 9/11 attacks.

Mission and Goal

The mission of the American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP), a nonprofit charity watchdog and information service, is to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar contributed to charity by providing donors with the information they need to make more informed giving decisions.

AIP goals are :

To research and evaluate the efficiency, accountability and governance of nonprofit organizations; to ...
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