Nursing And Mdg 6

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Nursing and MDG 6


This research paper aims to discuss the sixth Millennium Development Goals (MDG) presented by United Nations - combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases. The paper briefly discusses the goal, the importance of the goal for the United States, strategies in place to achieve the goal, organizations which are monitoring the progress, and the contribution of the nursing profession towards the promotion of MDG.

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Overview of the MDG 64

The importance of MDG 6 in terms of the health of a nation4

The importance of MDG 6 in United States of America4

Strategies for promoting MDG 6 in US5

Institutions Monitoring the Progress of MDG 6 in US and Indicators5

Nursing's role in promoting MDG6



Millennium Development Goals is a combination of eight distinct development goals which are presented by the United Nations and planned to be achieved by the year 2015. The essence of these goals is to improve the social and economic conditions of the global population.


Overview of the MDG 6

The drastic spread of diseases, such as HIV/AIDs, Malaria and Tuberculosis have acquired an alarming stage; and prompted policy makers and doctors worldwide to engage in prevention activities to curb the further spread of these fatal diseases. The short-term goal, with a deadline of 2010 is to create awareness and provide for universal access for the treatment and prevention tactics. The long-term goal, set for 2015 is to completely halt the growth of these diseases and generate a reversal pattern through cure.

The importance of MDG 6 in terms of the health of a nation

It is vital to understand that HIV/AIDs, Malaria and Tuberculosis are immensely devastating for the social and economic growth of any nation. These diseases negatively impact the nation by reducing the number of productive and socially active individuals and compel governments to spend massively on the health expenditures. Effective ...
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