Nursing Plan And Concept Mapping

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Nursing Plan and Concept Mapping

Nursing Plan and Concept Mapping


Critical thinking is currently a highly valued outcome in terms of education and especially in relation to higher and professional studies. Nursing education is gaining popularity around the world and they need to construct critical thinking in order to achieve desirable outcomes. The management of nursing services becomes increasingly difficult under the speed of transformations, outdated technology, service delivery processes, and the institutional and managerial dimensions. The present educators for nurses feel that the conventional nursing care plan done by the students are not case sensitive and they need to amend it by improving the comprehension of patient physical, social, spiritual and psychological health. It is felt by students that an appropriate solution should be provided in order to have meaningful learning by the usage of concept mapping. In this research paper, I will be going to analyze the differences between the nursing care plans and conceptual mapping.

Nursing care plan

It's often recognized that the primary role of Nursing Management or Manager is to plan, organize, direct and control financial resources, human and material with the intent to effectively fulfill the goals of the institution. The nurse who performs the role of manager should guide their activities from the knowledge that provides administrative sciences, economics and politics. The theories and principles of these disciplines are necessary for the administrative practice of nursing care. The nursing care plan is aimed to identify;

•Research: To investigate health problems that nurses are trained to treat, it is necessary that they be well defined and universalized, so that the results of investigations can be understood and applied by other nurses. Clearly this is not possible to do without having a common language that unites previous criteria and facilitate communication and data exchange.

•Teaching: the inclusion of nursing diagnoses in the core curriculum should be initiated and pursued consistently and progressively extended throughout the entire curriculum.

•Care: The use of diagnostics in clinical practice favors the organization and professionalization of nursing activities

Roles of Nurses

The role of the nurse responsible for care management is to support staff that provides care. Care management is aimed at achieving its intended nursing practice, knowledge management as a process used to creativity, inquiry and transformation in this regard it is considered heuristic (Herdman, 2008). The contribution of the head nurse responsible for nursing management is unique, represents a necessary action to ensure health services humanized and ...
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