Ohs Process

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OHS Process

BSBOHS201A: Assignment

1. How does the employer benefit from having good workplace safety procedures?

1. Morale enhancer:  Implementation of good workplace safety procedure enhances the morale of employee. Consequently, their productivity is increased

2. Employee Retention: Health and safety procedures enable the employer to retain quality workforce; level of turnover decreases in situations when job market gains momentum.

3. Reduced Absenteeism: Proper health and safety procedures reduce the employee absenteeism rate due to proper management of work and workplace security (Tooma, 2008).2. List three (3) ways in which employees can contribute to a healthy and safe working environment.

1. Teamwork enhances the ability of employees to involve in the improvement process of health and safety department. Teamwork participation helps in sharing the experience. Senior employees can share their valuable experience with young workers on how to prevent accidents and injuries

2. Senior employees have great knowledge about the work process of the organization. They can help in the development of health and safety workplace by sharing information about effective procedures.

3. Employees can share their experiences and views on website of company with co-workers, and managers to support safe workplace environment (Bluff, 2004).

3. Electric shock and Recommended Action by Supervisor

Under OHS legislation, it is incumbent on the supervisor to arrange medical facility for employee who received electric shock at workplace. First of all, employee should be taken to clinic for medical check-up to diagnose abnormalities, which may arise.

After that, supervisor should replace the photocopier machine with new machine, if machine has crossed its depreciable value. If it is not possible, photocopier machine should be sent immediately for repairing. Following that, supervisor should report the case to higher authority Accident Reporting Form. Changes should be made in procedure to operate machine.

4. Outline to Avoid Occupational Overuse Syndrome

Occupational overuse syndrome is considered as fatality due to its adverse impact on person health. If a person is doing regular late sitting, probability of occurrence is very likely. On Risk Assessment Matrix, situation is characterized as extreme for health and safety standards.

Under risk management process, first of all weekly working duration limit must be set for the employees. Employees should not be allowed to work more than 50 hours a week, with compulsory half an hour break every day during work-time. If this action is not possible, manager should redesign the equipments and seating arrangements to avoid OOS condition. Seating style should allow the computer user to be comfortable and free from strain. This is illustrated by the head inclines only slightly forward, back is properly supported, and good knee and leg room is available.

If this strategy is not possible, supervisor should reduce the workload to avoid occurrence of occupational overuse syndrome. Policy should be established regarding distribution of work based on individual capability and level of skill required to perform work.

5. XYZ Drinks

Accident report form

See Appendix

6. OHS guidelines

See Appendix

A well-defined policy structure related to workplace safety and employee health has been defined in the Organization Policies under ...
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