Organization And People

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Organization and People

Organization and People


The organization and people are a wide subject which involves many areas of study, however, the topic selected for this paper is decision making in organizations. During the group, I came across thee experiences that involves a thorough understanding of the decision making process. The experience showed that the decision making is the process of recognizing and selecting the best option among different available alternatives on the basis of the values and judgment of the decision maker. The selected option should have the highest probability of success and should appropriately fits with the goals, objectives and mission of the decision maker. Effective decision making examines the uncertainty and risks about alternatives and allows choosing the best convenient option. Collection of information is the most important part in decision-making as it is the basis of reducing risk and making a final decision (Jago, 1982, 72). The ability to make decisions can be taught and developed, but that does not mean it is possible to make silk bags with pig ears. The analytical process involves the division of the resolution of problems in a number of steps used to train managers for decades. The first decision-making technique to be mastered is the ability to differentiate between direct decisions, regular, and even urgent and more complex decisions that justify the analysis required to reach a satisfactory result. Direct decisions, repetitive, that should be delegated, if possible, and standard procedures should be established to address them. In large organizations, these procedures must be in writing, while, in smaller groups they can be transmitted orally. These decisions referred as programmable decisions, and in some circumstances can be programmed into a computer, to make an appropriate response. Emergency decisions must be made quickly, especially if safety is at stake. Typical situations, which require urgent decisions, can be investigated in advance, while procedures established model for future action (Ivancevich, 2007, 69).

Effective Decision Making

Effective decision making is based on the amount and quality of information used to make a decision. The more amount of the relevant information the good quality decision is made. A survey proves that the top management teams who were more open to external information that is logical and rational information made higher-quality decisions. There is a positive relationship between effective problem solving and the performance of the group. The information in decision making includes definition of goals, identification of alternatives, accuracy of information processing, and evaluation of risks and benefits (Ivancevich, 2007, 36).

The effect of the decision-making group will be a variety of factors. Therefore, it is impossible to recommend the "Group decision making is always better," or the "Group decision making is always worse" than personal decision-making. For example, due to the increased diversity of the labour force, a large number of studies have focused on the diversity of the Group's operating performance. In general, this study shows that the diversity of the population can sometimes have a positive or negative impact on the peculiar ...
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