Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Virtual Organization

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Virtual Organization


Patton Fuller Community Hospital is famous for specializing in medical care, surgery, physical therapy, pharmacy, radiology, delivery, and labor. Patton Fuller Hospital has been established in 1975. The main focus of the hospital is to offer quality medical services to all of their patients whether they are children or adults. Patton Fuller Hospital is one of the first hospitals in Kelsey. It is devoted to offer many diverse programs and services that would help them maintaining their patients' health.

The transmission of the information internally and externally is in the following manner:

• The network has two segments. 1 is part of the administrative functions; the other is part of the clinical features.

• Administrative functions under the section of the CAT6 cable connecting all nodes in the body and the transmission base of 1,000 tons

• Membership section of the clinical features of all nodes connected to the physical and single-mode fiber optic cable base 1000

• 2 network connection by the system of the bridge.

• DHCP service is running on the IT data center located in the Exchange server.

• Administrative functions on the workstation using the server DHCP to obtain IP addresses. Black and white or color laser printer network is only a static DHCP IP is set to DHCP on the server using its hardware MAC address.

• Local DNS name resolution, but also on this server.

Based on the clinical features of the IP address • the node segment is static IP.

• If the DNS can't be resolved locally, it is forwarded to the gateway.

• User account management in the domain from the Active Directory.

• All nodes have joined the workstations to the domain.

Current Architecture of Networking

Patton Fuller hospital has a network that is complex and has build around the fundamentals of appropriate development of systems, in that the hospital as an organization is broken down into its primary operational components, a clinical half, and an administrative half. The administrative half of the hospital consists of such departments as human resources, accounting, reception, and executive offices; although the clinical side made of those areas perform patient care, such as operating rooms, the pharmacy, and so on.

The administrative side needs the ability to send encrypted information reliably and also to gain quick access to records and databases at a moment's notice, although the clinical side requires access to information and stable communication but also has a greater need for portability. The setup of the network reflects these needs in that the administrative departments use a 1000BaseT networking set up and the clinical departments make use of a 1000BaseF networking set up with the two meeting at the organizational division by means of a hardware-based “network bridge” that facilitates interdepartmental communication on the whole.

The network architecture at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is efficient , but there are some areas that need addressing; for instance, wireless technology should integrate further into the network so that doctors and nurses can be more readily “on call,” even ...
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