Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking

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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Project

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Project


The Cisco 3600 succession is a multifunction podium that aggregates dial entry to, routing, and LAN-to-LAN services and multiservice integration of voice, video and written knowledge in the matching device. The Cisco 3600 succession embraces the Cisco 3660, the Cisco 3640, and Cisco 3620 multiservice platforms. As modular results the Cisco 3660, the Cisco 3640, and Cisco 3620 have the flexibility to get concurrently both prevailing and future connectivity requirements. The Cisco 3600 succession is entirely carried by Cisco IOS programs, which embraces analog and digital voice capability, ATM entry to with T1/E1 IMA or OC-3 interfaces, dial-up connectivity, LAN-to-LAN routing, written knowledge and entry to security, WAN optimization, and multimedia features.

The Cisco 3660 has six web module slots; The Cisco 3640 has four web module slots; the Cisco 3620 has two slots. Each web module slot agrees to a type of web module interface cards, embracing LAN and WAN combined broadcasting cards sustaining Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Token Ring, and a type of WAN technologies. These cards give the groundwork of LAN and WAN connectivity on a solitary, modular, web module. Additional requests for paid job are carried with a succession of web module cards suggesting digital modems, asynchronous and synchronous consecutive, ISDN PRI, and ISDN BRI interfaces. In augmentation to the 6 web module slots the Cisco 3660 has 2 inside Advanced Integration Module (AIM) slots for requests for paid job for instance hardware accelerated compression and the chassis includes 1 or optionally 2 mixed 10/100 (Ethernet/Fast Ethernet) ports.

The Cisco 3600 succession allocations web modules, WAN Interface Cards, and Voice Interface Cards with the Cisco 2600 series. The Cisco 3600 succession allocations WAN Interface Cards with the Cisco 1600 and Cisco 1700 series.


Benefits of toiling with Cisco systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide chief in networking for the Internet. Cisco routers arc the foundation for over 80 out of 100 of the Internet infrastructure, and Cisco furnishes 60 out of 100 of the entry to results employed by financial gatherings to give connectivity for distant users and bind to the Internet. Additionally, Cisco, the inventor of changed Ethernet and Fast Ethernet today's most admired high-performance LAN technologies advances the way in giving reasonable, high-performance LAN solutions.

Cisco's results created aid you maximize your enterprise capability and cost-effectively get concurrently your escalating networking requirements. These results leverage Cisco's enormous networking understanding, innovative technologies, prominent service, and high-quality yield, and they aid administration make the transition that reach past the principle bureau to multiple bureaus, portable users telecommuters, and to the Internet. These results give web managers the implements they wanted to manufacture webs that are scalable, flexible, and strong adequate to handle the tests today's networking environment.

Cisco yield embrace a large assortment of high-performance LAN yield, for instance 100BaseT hubs and Ethernet changes, routers, dial entry to servers, and web organisation programs solutions. All of these yield are supported on the Cisco IOS technologies an mixed of web ...
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